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Answers from Sunderland Blog Roker Report

We asked a few questions of Simon from Roker Report ahead of Sunday's match against the Wearsiders. Luckily he was kind enough to respond.

Fraternizing with the Enemy: Hanging with a Villan

We talk with Robert Lintott of Aston Villa blog 7500toHolte to learn more about Paul Lambert's Villa side before Saturday's big clash.

Featured Fanshot

Stoke v Liverpool Q&A

A's to Q's in what will be a regular Q&A feature with our friends a Break in Play. Feel free to check it out and tell me how much you disagree with my answers and check out their blog.

Q&A with Busby Babe

What the other side is saying

Q&A With Royal Blue Mersey

Q&A With Coming Home Newcastle

Q&A With Royal Blue Mersey

A's to Our Q&A with The Roker Report

Answers to our questions about Sunderland courtesy of The Roker Report.

Q&A with Arsenal Blog The Short Fuse

A friendly exchange of questions and answers with Arsenal's SB Nation blog, The Short Fuse, ahead of Saturday's clash.

The A's from our Q&A with The Busby Babe

A friendly exchange of questions with Man U site The Busby Babe. Here are the answers to Anfield Asylum's questions.

Q&A with Manc Site The Busby Babe

Know Thy Enemy: Q&A With Coming Home Newcastle

Q&A with Coming Home Newcastle