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Other Articles that Defy Classification

Featured Fanshot

Liverpool to begin talks over Steven Gerrard contract

Big news for Liverpool that will surely draw mixed emotions from fans. We'll have more on this soon.

How the Midfield Was Always the Answer

A look back at the path from Rafa Benitez to Brendan Rodgers and the role of the midfield in that journey.

Week One World Cup Thread

Come discuss the first week of the World Cup!

Summer Transfer Open Thread

Post your rumors and chat about Liverpool's transfer business.

I'll Never Walk Alone

A brief introduction (well, maybe not so brief) of myself, blunatic, and why I love this club.

Revisiting Preseason Predictions: How Did We Do?

A humorous look at what we got right and what we got horribly wrong.

ATL Thread: Manchester City v. Everton

We're all Everton fans for a day.

Sunderland Appreciation Thread

Sunderland 2, Chelsea 1

Quick Reaction: Liverpool Escape With 2-1 Win

Nine in a row.

LFC Saturday Scoreboard Watching Thread (4/5/14)

Thread throughout a full Saturday slate of EPL games.

Relegation Roundtable: Who Do We Want to Stay Up?

A group discussion on who we like and don't like in the fight for survival.

Winds of Change at Anfield Asylum

The time has come for me to pass the torch.

Post Match Thread: Liverpool v. Arsenal

Discuss the late EPL games here.

Liverpool Deadline Day Thread

What will Brendan do?

Deadline Weekend and EPL Action: Links + Thread

It's going down.

Map It Out: Previewing January & February

A derby, a bogey, some Tigers, the Swans and more are on offer in January and February.

Finding Form: In The System We Trust

It seems that Brendan Rodgers' system is starting to pay off.

Being:Liverpool Kinda Gets Interesting

The fourth episode finally gets somewhat inside.

Euro 2012 Blog Pick'em Leaderboard

Joe Cole: The Rise, Fall, and Possible Rebirth of a Midfielder

Joe Cole: The Rise, Fall, and Possible Rebirth of a Midfielder

The 96

Schedule Analysis and Reserves/U-18 Segment Introduction

See whether Liverpool are destined for fourth.

The One Moment

Help Wanted Sign Is Out

Should Fergie Play Evra Tomorrow?

A discussion of the talking point about the potentially volatile FA Cup clash at Anfield.

The FA's Findings Against Suarez

An unbiased review/synopsis of the FA's findings against Suarez. Well, as unbiased as a Liverpool blog can be.

Have Another, Sir

Suarez banned again

Hopefully The Last Word

The Last Word


Suarez banned for eight

Suarez's Disciplinary Hearing Begins

Suarez hearing begins today

Happy Thanksgiving From Anfield Asylum