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Non Liverpool Items

John Terry Found Not Guilty - A Summary of the Findings

A summary of the court's judgment in the John Terry trial, a brief comparison the findings against Luis Suarez and why the two are different.

Farewell, Didier

Football's Ugly Pandemic - The Dive

A take on football ethics, diving and cheating and how to start to fix it and restore the beautiful game's reputation.

ATW: UCL Quarterfinal Thread #2

ATW: UCL Gamethread #2

ATW: UCL Quarterfinal Thread

Champions League from afar. Gamethread.


Cardiff City Report

Cardiff City Outlook

Tottenham Transfer Spotlight

Tottenham Transfer Spotlight

Summer Needs: Manchester Edition

Around the Premier League transfer watch.

Capello Quits

Capello resigns

Well That's The Worst Group Ever

Euro 2012 draw