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Midweek Thoughts

Liverpool Look For Luxury Purchase

This transfer window has a different feel from the far more stressful ones of the recent past.

Brazil's Tactical Flaw Could Prove Fatal

An in-depth tactical breakdown of the issues masked in Brazil's 3-1 victory over Croatia.

How the Palace Debacle Helps Liverpool's Future

Liverpool's shocking performance against Crystal Palace should force Rodgers to make important improvements to team over summer.

Sterling's Rise Propelling LFC's Title Chase

Brendan Rodgers recently proclaimed Raheem Sterling as the best youngster in Europe and, based upon the Englishman's current form, it's hard to argue with him. Here, we take a look at Sterling's development since he came onto the scene in fall 2012

Torres and Suarez: Two Scorers, Two Journeys

The career arcs of Fernando Torres and Luis Suarez, and the partnership that never was.

Chameleon Rodgers Has City On Their Heels

The advantage that Rodgers has created over Manchester City.

Relegation Roundtable: Who Do We Want to Stay Up?

A group discussion on who we like and don't like in the fight for survival.

How Henderson and Allen Escaped the Pitchforks

The amazing journeys of Jordan Henderson and Joe Allen.

Is This Glen Johnson's Swan Song in Red?

As Liverpool's defense continues to come under heavy scrutiny, we wonder whether these are the final Liverpool days of Glen Johnson.

Liverpool Should Give Borini Another Chance

Assessing the possible return of Fabio Borini.

Does Daniel Agger Fit Liverpool's Longterm Plans?

Analysis, Feelings, and Tattoos.

Gerrard Injury Forces LFC to Look Towards Future

Brendan Rodgers is forced to consider his options in the post-Gerrard era during the captain's potentially lengthy injury absence.

Can Liverpool Sustain Early Season Success?

Tied for first place with Arsenal, Liverpool have turned the heads of many people.

LFC Transfer Roundtable: Rodgers Did Well

Brendan Rodgers made a summer without football more enjoyable by having an active transfer window.

Jordan Henderson: He's Better Than You Think

Jordan Henderson isn't the second coming of Steven Gerrard, but he's still a valuable footballer.

LFC: What To Look For

Talking points heading into the remaining eight games of the season.

The Race for the Wenger Cup (aka 4th place)

A look at Liverpool, Chelsea and Arsenal's final run to the finish line.

Can It Be Done?

What will it take for Liverpool to grab a European spot?

Another Month, Another Crossroad For LFC

January brings heightened expectations to the Reds. Hold on to your seat belts folks.

The Masters

Watching the best ever?

Another Match Added To Full Plate For Liverpool

Liverpool self-destruct moments before a final whistle could grant Joe Cole the glory.

Comparing Apples To An Idiot

How do Rodgers and Hodgson stack up?

Around The World, Around The Bend, Around Town...

What we learned

I Don't Know What I'm Doing

So I got a few things wrong...

International Credit Standing

Where Liverpool are at this International break.

Midweek Notes

Tuesday notes.

Midsummer Venting On LFC Management

What have we done thus far? Fabio Borini. Not a winger, not a defensive midfielder, not even a left back to give Jose Enrique an occasional rest. They got a 21-year work in progress.

Why Liverpool Should Keep Craig Bellamy

Why Liverpool Should Keep Craig Bellamy

Will Recent Slide Cause Liverpool Stars To Leave?

Will Recent Slide Cause Liverpool Stars To Leave?

It's Time To Get Back Up

Thoughts and Speculations on LFC


Just A Normal Grab Bag