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Juventus Could Buy Glen Johnson in January

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Brian A. Westerholt

According to The Guardian, Juventus are interested in a cut rate move for Glen Johnson during the January transfer window, although the rumors seem to be more imaginative than fact-based. Nonetheless, this latest round of Johnson rumors allows us to revisit his role at the club.

Johnson will be out of contract next summer, and it's unlikely that Liverpool can sell him for a substantial return at this point. There's not a madman in the world who would take the 30-year-old right back, especially in this form, off of Liverpool's hands for much more than half a season of contract relief. Even that might entice Brendan Rodgers to sell, although Liverpool's decision not to sell Johnson at previous junctures implies that they're willing to hold onto him until his contract expires.

The problem that Liverpool face with Glen Johnson (and many of the team's long tenured players) is one that many successful sports teams encounter during periods of transition. The crop of young talent largely responsible for Liverpool's recent success will push the old guard out of the team - a process that has already sent Pepe Reina to Germany - and during that time span there will be tension and tough decisions to make. Of course the future role of a player like Steven Gerrard represents a much tougher task for Rodgers, but Johnson has accumulated enough of a reputation over the years to lead Rodgers to at least consider him for the starting lineup each week. We've already seen Rodgers start him based on his reputation and experience over more talented alternatives on multiple occasions, and that trend could easily continue once he returns to full fitness.