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Allardyce Speaks On Topics He Knows Nothing About

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West Ham's manager is not a popular figure at Anfield. His style of play is widely regarded as brutish and he tends to run his mouth a lot, with the latter quality on full display this week.

Steve Bardens

Sam Allardyce is doing his best to rile Liverpool fans up ahead of this weekend's Liverpool-West Ham clash with another round of rather arrogant quotes that were published in the Mirror earlier today.

"On past history of playing against teams who have played in the Champions League, and having played in Europe with my team at Bolton, I know how difficult it can be in the next Premier League game," said Allardyce.

What's great about this quote is the unabashed self promotion that weaves its way into his message. While a typical manager might express optimism concerning his opponent's recent schedule, Allardyce goes out of his way to draw attention to himself and bring up an appearance in Europe from nine years ago. Sorry Sam, but your 2005/06 UEFA Cup Bolton squad is irrelevant. And your style of play is so wretched that you're own fans hate you.

"That is not taking anything away from how well Villa played on the day but Liverpool I think had the Champions League game on their minds," said Allardyce about Liverpool's loss last weekend.

He should know better than that kind of baseless speculation. However, if he wants a career in journalism he's on the right track!

"It was their first Champions League game back for many, many years. Maybe that caused a bit of complacency in the performance and Aston Villa took full advantage of it."

Yawn. Maybe he should focus on his own team, as West Ham currently sit at 13th in the Premier League table.