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Daniel Agger Set to Leave Liverpool for a Return to Brondby

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Daniel Agger is set to leave Liverpool and return to Brondby, his boyhood club.

Alex Livesey

In a move that is a long time coming, yet shocking, Daniel Agger is prepared to leave Liverpool to return to Brondby. Agger got his start at Brondby, joining the club at the age 12, before transferring to Liverpool in 2006. Last season cast our vice captain's future in Merseyside in doubt with injuries, lack of form, and stiff competition at the center back position resulting in very limited playing time for the Dane. With the club adding Dejan Lovren to the fold this summer, Daniel Agger's departure became all but assured. With Agger very unlikely to get much playing time in this team, few will fault him for wanting a move somewhere that he will be a first choice center back.

Though the move is far from surprising, the destination is not what anyone expected. Top clubs all over Europe have been linked with a move for Agger for several years now, and nobody really saw a move back to Brondby in the cards for him, especially at the price of only £3 million. Liverpool rejected a £20 million bid from Manchester City 2 years ago, and a £15 million bid from Barcelona last year, and likely could have gotten upwards of £10 million for him from most clubs. However, Agger was only willing to leave Liverpool for a return to his home, and with Brondby unable to afford Agger's value, Liverpool have agreed to sell him for much less than they could in order to give him the move he wants.

This is one of those rare times where I'm happy the club made what appears to be a bit of a poor financial decision. While it's rather unfortunate to lose Agger for so little, I completely understand why Liverpool are doing it, and I applaud them for it. Agger is a player who has always been a loyal Red, even having YNWA tattooed across his knuckles, and it sounds like he's always been torn about ever leaving Liverpool. It would have been very easy for Liverpool to deny Agger this move because he is worth so much more than the fee they are receiving, but by giving Agger the move he wants, even to their detriment, they are showing that to them, Liverpool FC is more than just a business, it's a family. Agger loves LFC, but that will only carry someone for so long, and rather than asking to be transferred somewhere for money, or a chance to win, he simply wants to go home. Liverpool are doing the right thing in rewarding Agger's years of loyal service by granting him his wish.

Ultimately, I think this move is the best thing for all parties. I think Agger would have found it hard to leave the club to go somewhere like Barca or City, and I think we fans would have found it quite hard to swallow as well. Instead, he gets to go home, and we get to see a man make a  move because he wants to go home rather than make a move for money or a chance to win trophies. This is something that rarely happens in sports these days, and it is very cool to see. Also, the club gets to offload a player who is clearly unhappy with his role, while still giving a man who has done so much for them what he really wants.

While I am really sad to see Daniel Agger leave Liverpool, I'm very happy that he is doing so for all the right reasons, and I'm even more happy that such a class player will get the role he deserves at Brondby. I will fondly remember the time he spent at Liverpool, and I wish him all the best at Brondby.

You'll never walk alone Daniel.