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Best/Worst of Liverpool v Manchester City

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This week's Best/Worst is a little less best and a little more worst. You also may notice a special emphasis on Glen Johnson.

Laurence Griffiths

Worst Liverpool Player - Glen Johnson

Yeah, we're starting with worst this time. I don't even know if this is justified because I'm incapable of looking at Johnson's performances objectively at this point. He's terrible, and I hate watching him play. He broke up several attacks with some pretty dumb moves. Like the time he dribbled straight into the middle of 4 City players and then just basically gave them the ball, or the time he tried to nutmeg Gael Clichy and ended up just hurting himself. Another poor game from Glen. I really hope the other fullbacks can put in a good showing in Johnson's injury absence and prevent him from re-entering the starting lineup once he's fit.

Best Liverpool Player - Raheem Sterling

Sterling absolutely terrorized City all game. They were having all kinds of problems dealing with his speed, and he was blowing by them like they were, well, Glen Johnson. It was unfortunate he couldn't control that long ball from Gerrard in the first half.

Best Opponent - Stevan Jovetic

Jovetic had a rough first year with City, spending most of it injured, and never really showing what he was capable of. He showed it yesterday. Jovetic looked dangerous all game, his two goals were well taken, and he probably could have ended up with more.

Best Goal - Stevan Jovetic (55')

This goal was pretty impressive, and Jovetic was involved the whole way. He had a very nice flick that got the ball to Nasri, and then a ridiculous finish. Not only was the goal nice, it also struck a huge blow to Liverpool's hopes of getting result as they now had a 2 goal deficit to overcome.

Worst Miss - Rickie Lambert (86')

Liverpool had cut the lead to 3-1, and just minutes later Lambert had a chance to cut it even further, but whatever he was trying to do (I'm not sure if it was supposed to be a shot or a pass), it was about the worst decision he could make. He could have, and should have, tried to hammer it home himself, but if he was going to pass to Sturridge, he certainly could have done better. Either way, this was a huge missed opportunity to give Liverpool a chance to somehow salvage a point.

Best Debut - Lazar Markovic

Markovic did quite well in his first appearance. He looked dangerous as soon as he came on for Coutinho. He was full of energy, and was relentless in chasing down the ball. More performances like that and Markovic will be fighting for a starting spot in no time.

Worst Debut - Alberto Moreno

Don't interpret this as me saying he played poorly. He did well for the most part, but his mistakes were big ones. He needed to do much better on the first goal, and he was nowhere to be found on the second. Moreno definitely has a bright future, but he will surely wish to improve on this performance. At least he can say he was better than Glen Johnson.

Best Take Down - Joe Allen on Yaya Toure

I was just as shocked as you were. Little Joe Allen taking out the Ivorian giant. Sorry I ever doubted you Joe.

Worst Dive - Emre Can

This was really bad. Definitely not a good way to make an impression in your debut. Hopefully we don't see anymore of this from him. He may be my favorite of the new signings, and I would hate if he dives on a regular basis.

Best Substitution - Sergio Aguero replaces Edin Dzeko (68')

When a sub scores within 30 seconds of taking the pitch, it's a great substitution. His goal put City up 3-0 and effectively ended the game.

Worst Managerial Decision - Leaving on Alberto Moreno

With Liverpool already down to ten men thanks to Glen Johnson's idiotic nutmeg injury, there was pretty much no chance Liverpool were going to make up two goals so late. Leaving Moreno on the field after what appeared to be an incredibly painful ankle injury seemed like a poor decision. Moreno staying on wasn't going to help them win, and it risked getting him hurt even worse. His staying on did show a lot of heart, but it was an unnecessary risk.

Best Gif Representation of Glen Johnson's Performance:

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