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With Needs Filled, Liverpool Look For Luxury Purchase

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Michael Regan

It's strange to come upon late August without the urge to repeatedly refresh bookmarked transfer rumor sites. Usually this is where outrage over unfilled holes in the team nears peak volume, and the season is pronounced doomed. But with over a week left in the 2014 window, Liverpool has, for the first time in a while, moved on from the panic filled world of "need" into the luxurious land of "want."

In his press conference following the Southampton game, Brendan Rodgers told the media that he would like another striker, but only if the right deal came along. I think he's spot on in that approach - contrary to the belief of the vocal #replacesuarez contingent, the purchases of seven new players (eight if you count Origi) should be enough to keep Liverpool highly competitive without Luis Suarez. There's no need to force a move for a big name striker that doesn't fit into the team, especially since Liverpool has Daniel Sturridge at its disposal. However, a versatile forward who could provide high level insurance for Sturridge in case of injury is an area that deserves a look before the transfer window closes, especially when you consider how Sturridge's form dropped off in the final stages of last season.

The names being mentioned as possible Liverpool targets are a bit absurd though - Mario Ballotelli, Edison Cavani, and Radamel Falcao are the most talked about players at the moment. Besides Balotelli, who the club would try to tame into a goalscoring monster (although the stats put that in question), the above list of options doesn't really fit the pattern of FSG's transfer movement under Rodgers. Falcao especially would be a strange addition considering he's 28, coming off a major injury, and would still cost Liverpool a reported €15m for a year long loan.

But for a team so heavily invested in the future, it would be disastrous to miss out on the top four this season, derailing the club's resurgence. It's reasonable to risk an overpay on a forward if Liverpool believe that the move will assure a prized Champions League place, and maybe a loan deal would prove ideal with Origi coming into the team next year (although it's unclear how long his development will take).

So for the next week and a half we'll calmly wait and see if Liverpool make a move for a forward while rival teams like Manchester United scramble around to fill essential needs. Finally an area of the club that doesn't make our hearts stop.