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Suarez Sold to Barcelona For Reported £75m Fee

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Jamie Squire

It's done. Luis Suarez is no longer a Liverpool player after completing a big money move to Spain, and while we all saw this coming in the wake of his bite of Giorgio Chiellini in World Cup group play, the loss of one of the greatest strikers to ever don the Liverpool shirt still stings. Further, Alexis Sanchez's decision to spurn Liverpool and join Arsenal instead piles onto the bitter feelings around the club. Sanchez could have proved an ideal alternative to Suarez, but instead he's headed to a rival team and Liverpool are left scrambling.

Liverpool have a month and a half to get this transfer window right and minimize the effects of Suarez's departure, and it's too early to cast definitive judgement on their dealings thus far because they represent only a piece of the pie. So for now we must wait patiently, trusting Ian Ayre, Brendan Rodgers, and the Transfer Committee to find the players necessary to progress Liverpool further forward and avoid another two steps back.