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Just Do Us: AA's Palace Preview

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After last week, we have to remember to just stay focused going to Selhurst Park for the league's last Monday night fixture of the season

Clive Brunskill

US: 3PM EST-NBC Sports

UK: 8PM GMT-Sky Sports

Though the league may seem out of reach, we have to stay positive going into this next fixture against Crystal Palace, and try to forget about results around us.

That is what Boss Brendan Rodgers said in his press conference this week, that we weren't focused on what City or Chelsea needed, and even chastised a few reporters for asking such questions pertaining to the topic.

There's no new injury concerns, and Daniel Sturridge is even more likely to play than he was last week, when he started the game on the bench. Jordan Henderson is serving the last match of his ban and will be available next week vs Newcastle, the arch rivals of his former team Sunderland. Victor Moses also will play a part having been ineligible to play last week against parent club Chelsea.

Raheem Sterling and Phillipe Coutinho will be very important tomorrow, having been on decent form as of late. Luis Suarez, as always, will be looking to add to his goal tally. One can remember that beautiful half volley from the floor scored in the reverse fixture at Anfield, and a strike of similar quality would be welcome again.

If ever there was a time that Steven Gerrard needed a screamer into the bottom corner, this is it. We need to win, and that's all there is to it.

Joe Allen, while having a decent first half last week, was rather quiet in the 2nd, as was Raheem, and that needs to change if we're going to get anything.

For Palace, they're 2nd in the form table, behind us. With 15 from their last 18, but 3 losses in their last 6 at home.They are now safe in 11th place and have been for a few weeks now, but Tony Pulis has a penchant for stealing points from us, or at least he did as the boss of Stoke. He also has turned the Palace side completely around, as he's guided them from 18th place to safety in just a few months.

Jason Puncheon has performed well this season, as has Marouane Chemakh, who's seemingly been reborn from the doldrums at Arsenal. Those are two players to watch.

Stevie will no doubt be marking Puncheon, who's played as a forward thinking midfielder for the majority of the season, and sometimes as a winger. That battle will be fun to watch, as Puncheon's scored against us on a couple of occasions in the past.

Some other thoughts:

-Allow me to put to bed the Sakho vs Agger debate. Aggs: 15 starts, 8 clean sheets. Without Aggs: 21 Matches: 2 clean sheets. (17 with Sakho, with 1 clean sheet) We need a clean sheet. Agger starts for me. (JAceKopite16)

-I will say that Sakho is the more talented player and will have a bigger impact in the future, but for tomorrow I'd also go with Agger. (loyal2reds)

-Diamond formation needs to be in full effect. Sterling on the left, Cou at the tip. We need a MOTM performance from both. (JAceKopite16)

-GlenJo needs to get 'round the back. (JAceKopite16)

-Don't be cute, just put the ball in the net. (JAceKopite16)

-Chelsea drew Norwich, so second place looks likely if we can't get the title. While anything lower than first will sting, it's been an incredible season no matter how this final week goes. (loyal2reds)

-Now that it's "goal" time, we really need Sturridge.  Even if his touch had been a little off before his injury, his movement and threat off the ball opened up space for Luis. (Matt)

-That said, I don't want to see the striker out there if he's any less than 100% fit.  We don't need a repeat of El Niño in South Africa with Danny Boy. (Matt)

-Palace have been tough and will be tough. They went from my "guillotine-guarantee" back in October to one of the most organized units in the league under Tony Pulis.  Hopefully they'll have their minds on summer vacation plans and cut us some slack. (Matt)