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Revisiting Our Preseason Predictions: How Did We Do?

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We look at the predictions Anfield Asylum made in mid-August, laughing at some parts and applauding others.

The face you make when your predictions go horribly wrong
The face you make when your predictions go horribly wrong
Laurence Griffiths

Who's your bet for Liverpool's player of the season?

I'll go with the obvious Coutinho, he looks like he plays with just so much ease. He has no where to go but up. (Adam)

I'm going to go with Lucas. He wasn't at his best last season, but coming off a serious knee injury and then a hamstring problem was always going to make it difficult. I think he returns to his top form as the EPL's best holding midfielder -- Liverpool's season kind of depends on it. (Matt)

Without hesitation I'll go with Daniel Agger, assuming he stays healthy. Agger pretty much is the defense right now and is also a strong leader and fine representative of the Liverpool badge. (loyal2reds)

3 different answers before me, but I'll have to go with Dan Agger. Recently appointed Vice-Captain, he seems ready to step up even more than he has done in the past 2 seasons or so. He's been our rock since then and is to me the best defender in the world. Time to step into the limelight for real. And I think he can. (JAceKopite16)

Verdict: None of us got this one right, but in fairness Suarez was on suspension when this was written and it was hard to know what to expect from him when he returned. Matt will cringe when he sees his answer, but none of us were all that close.

Who's the season's underachiever? -- aka: Name That Envelope!

Borini, no explanation needed. Whether injury or his inability to finish, I am sure he'll disappoint. (Adam)

Jose Enrique for me. Just feel like you never quite know what you're getting on a week to week basis. (Matt)

Coates. He is nearing the end of his rope and isn't making any significant strides. (loyal2reds)

I'll go with Raheem Sterling. Something doesn't seem right with the kid. And when your head's not right, strange things happen. (JAceKopite16)

Verdict: Matt and I hit this one equally on the head, Adam was unable to foresee the Borini loan that would occur in the following days, and it's Jonathan's turn to cringe a little. It's interesting actually that with all of the success Liverpool had, there were so many underachievers. Moses, Aspas, Alberto, and Johnson all also deserve consideration for biggest underachiever.

Come September, Luis Suarez is wearing what uniform?

Well, he'll belong to Liverpool. Whether all is forgiven and he wears the Liverbird upon his chest remains to be seen. (Adam)

He'll be wearing that horrible diamond pattern Warrior cooked up. Selling him to Arsenal now would greatly undermine Rodgers. A sale to Madrid isn't out of the question, but so late in the window it'd be a blow. (Matt)

He'll be wearing Liverpool red if he doesn't get himself suspended again. I'd like him to go to Madrid. (loyal2reds)

To be honest, I'm just done. If he goes, he goes, if he doesn't, well, I'm happy. I'll support him, he's a Liverpool player, but you can forgive, but you can't always forget. (JAceKopite16)

Verdict: I feel like an idiot for saying that. Please don't go to Madrid, Luis.

With all the turnover in management across the Premier League, is there a rival club you're scared of facing?

Not particularly. It really will be interesting to see how the teams change under new management, especially Stoke our bogey team. (Adam)

I think Man City are going to be very, very tough this year. They have the best squad on paper and Manuel Pellegrini is one of the best managers around. (Matt)

Jose Mourinho may be the only man who can handle the Chelsea hot seat, so if I had to pick a rival that I don't want to face it would be them. (loyal2reds)

I'm gonna agree with L2R here. Jose, while I love him, I hate him also. He scares the pants off me. Facing him isn't easy. (JAceKopite16)

Verdict: City won the title and Chelsea beat us twice, so everyone was right here. As for Adam's curiosity regarding Stoke, we beat them twice. Unfortunately, Tony Pulis went to Palace and drew us 3-3 because of course.

Equally so, any rival club you can't wait to embarrass?

Man U. Giving Moyes a hiding while at United seemingly would kill two birds with one stone. (Adam)

It's a toss up between United and Everton. United are an RVP injury away from third place (so they're probably 3rd place), and Roberto Martinez is so stylistically different from the man he replaced that I wonder how well he'll do with that squad. (Matt)

Something tells me that Moyes is going to crash United this year. They've quietly had an unsettling window both in the locker room with Rooney and with not being able to bring in new players. I haven't looked too much into the reasons for this, but I find it absolutely shocking that Moyes has been unable to bring in Leighton Baines. (loyal2reds)

Old Moyesy looks out of his depth, like a certain Vulture-looking creature with a pwoper case of mispronouncing names we somehow let guide us. Hopefully that'll be used to our advantage. (JAceKopite16)

Verdict: We embarrassed United as predicted, and my prediction of a Moyes crash was spot on although not an entirely original viewpoint even back then. We also embarrassed Martinez at Anfield which was loads of fun.

After 38 rounds, Liverpool has ___ points and is sitting in ___ position.

70 points, 5th. I'm being cautious. (Adam)

74 points, 4th place. I'm optimistic over Rodgers getting some business done over the next three weeks. (Matt)

83 points, 1st place. THIS IS THE YEAR FOLKS! WOOOOOHOOOOOOO! (loyal2reds)

Someone ^ drank a bit too much of the kool-aid (Adam)

*Points to above comment* This is what I say every year, guys. Other than that, no predictions. Irish superstition gets the best of me. (JAceKopite16)

Verdict: I WAS ONE POINT OFF! I TOTALLY SAW THIS WHOLE SEASON COMING! Unfortunately I was also one table position off. So sad.

Overall Verdict: All things considered we didn't do too badly in a season filled with unexpectedness. How did you guys do with your projections? Expect more end of season coverage in the coming days.