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Game Thread: Liverpool v. Newcastle

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Alex Livesey

We've reached the last day of an incredible season, and Liverpool have a mathematical chance to win the Premier League. The feat is unlikely, but nonetheless a nagging hope remains, and that's a great feeling. Today will be memorable no matter the outcome, and hopefully Liverpool can at least hold onto the second place slot which they only need a draw to maintain. The relegation battle is settled, so the only other table cluster to pay attention to is whether United can rally into the Europa League ahead of Tottenham. They need a win and a Spurs loss for that to happen. Settle in, have your TV remote easily accessible, and thread away.

Important TV Listings:

Liverpool v. Newcastle - NBCSN

Manchester City v. West Ham - NBC

Chelsea v. Cardiff City - CNBC

Tottenham v. Aston Villa - USA Network

Manchester United v. Southampton - Syfy (Not even a joke. United are actually on the Syfy channel.)