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Quick Reaction: Liverpool Escape Upton Park With 2-1 Win

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Classic picture
Classic picture
Julian Finney

I'll put out the full recap tonight, but for now let's just run through a few of the key talking points.

Take That Allardyce: Big Sam was close to securing a point through his often discussed stone-age tactics, and it's a beautiful thing that his plan was foiled and we don't have to hear his self-serving post match conference. He is my least favorite manager in England.

SAS Struggle: Both Sturridge and Suarez looked off today, and Sturridge looked downright poor for most of the match. We need them to be at their best next weekend.

Lucas Sets Up Winner: Many people were left scratching their heads (including me) when Rodgers brought Lucas on to replace Coutinho, but then Lucas played his best ball of the year to put Flanno in, setting up the controversial penalty. Gerrard converted of course, because he's magical.

Anthony Taylor Terrible: First, Taylor granted West Ham a goal after Carroll clearly punched Mignolet in the face, and then he awarded a pretty generous penalty to Liverpool in the second half.

It was unrealistic to think Liverpool could run through everybody, and when tested today, they proved that they can handle the pressure of this title race. This was the most stressful match in quite some time, but Liverpool still came away with all three points for the ninth consecutive time. They're still undefeated in 2014, by the way.

More to come later in the day!