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LFC Scoreboard Watching Thread: City-Southampton, Chelsea-Stoke

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Shaun Botterill

Liverpool will win the Premier League title with an undefeated run to close the season, but because they face the daunting duo of Manchester City and Chelsea in the coming weeks, a stumble from one of those two teams today would make things so much easier for the Reds. In Southampton and Stoke, we see two contrasting upper-midtable sides who often trouble favorited teams. Believe in Adam Lallana, believe in Peter Odemwingie, because they might be our route to glory. Typing "believe in Peter Odemwingie" was hard to do with a straight face, by the way.

Anyways, come threadeth awayeth if you find yourself within our blogosphere. I'll be here at least for the City game, and we'll see what happens after that since I have a midday plane to catch.

Can't Miss Matches:

7:45 (EST) - Manchester City v. Southampton

12:30 (EST) - Chelsea v. Stoke City