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Keep The Dream Alive: The City Preview

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The biggest game of the season? Bar none.

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Alex Livesey

US: 8:37AM EST - NBC Sports

UK: 4:37PM BST - Sky Sports

Liverpool go into what is possibly the biggest game since Athens in 2007 on Sunday against Man City, knowing that they have to win to retain the slim advantage they currently hold in title race, if they even have an advantage.

Daniel Agger is back in contention following a slight knock that kept him out of the match against West Ham, so no new injury concerns, as Jose Enrique is now out for the season officially. With a healthy squad, Rodgers has decisions to make, including the choice between Agger and Sakho.

Luis Suarez won us that first penalty at Upton Park, and was unlucky not to score after another class performance, but he'll have to be on point this week, as will Daniel Sturridge, who faces the team who gave him his start as a teenager.

Brendan Rodgers and Luis both have issued rallying cries for the Kop, and in a game like this, the fans will surely get behind the Reds in full-throated passion.

Steven Gerrard is on his last game of red alert since his yellow cards will be erased following this game. He'll need to keep the likes of David Silva and Yaya Toure under wraps without losing his head, and so he'll once again need some help from Jordan Henderson in what has been tipped to be a "Battlefield" in the middle.

As we fast approach the 25th anniversary of Hillsborough, the lads will wear a special patch for the remainder of the season.

For City, late fitness tests await Yaya Toure and Vincent Kompany, while Mataija Nastasic remains out with a knee injury. Sergio Aguero looks to be back after a long absence through a hamstring injury.

Even with the injuries, City remain one of the in form sides, as they sit third in the "form" table with 5 wins and a draw in their last 6.

As mentioned, the key battle to watch sits in the midfield. It's Yaya Toure and David Silva vs Jordan Henderson and Steven Gerrard. Some of the spotlight will also sway to the Liverpool defense, who conceded twice at the Etihad, even though Phillipe Coutinho had put Liverpool momentarily in front. City's second goal on that day was an exception to Mignolet's brilliance this year, as he let Negredo's shot past him a little too easily.

Some other thoughts:

-Well, this is it. Our title hopes probably hinge on this game, and it's up to us as supporters to get the lads over the line. Faith is key, and that's exactly what this is. A test of faith. (JAceKopite16)

-It was Negredo and Aguero at the Etihad, and I bank Pellegrini to use the same approach, but even if they don't, they still have Dzeko and Navas available. Our defense will need to be on high alert. (JAceKopite16)

-This is exactly where we wanna be. At Anfield. In front of the Kop. My message to the players? Biggest game of your careers, go out, and make us proud. No pressure. (JAceKopite16)

-I think Rodgers will opt to use the diamond to help control City's midfield, but the pieces of the diamond are very much up in the air. We know Gerrard and Hendo will start, but the tip and the side of the midfield alignment present tough choices that will dictate the flow of the game. It's either Coutinho or Sterling in the attacking role, and the odds are that Coutinho gets the nod because of the pace Sterling can inject off the bench. Normally I'd unquestionably choose Allen over Lucas on the side opposite from Hendo, but I'm worried about Allen matching the strength of City. If Rodgers wants to get crazy he could play Sterling at the point and Coutinho on the side, but that might be too attack minded of a move. (loyal2reds)

-Sakho or Agger? Flip a coin. (loyal2reds)

-Agree with Dan in that we can't be sure who makes up LFC's midfield tomorrow, but I do think Sterling will play from the start. He's been very effective from the tip of the diamond, if that's what BR sets the team out in. (Matt)

-Hard to pick between Sakho and Danny Aggs. I guess I'll go with Agger, but it really is a push. (Matt)

-Henderson is going to have a crucial influence on the match one way or another, if he plays up to his potential in support of Stevie G I think the Reds will stand a nice chance. (Matt)