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Around the League + News Roundup: Chelsea Continue Steady March

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Some news, links, and thoughts from around the Premier League.

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Clive Rose

Chelsea Blasts Tottenham: Even if Liverpool continue their torrid stretch of form, it may not matter considering the way Chelsea are steadily marching toward the finish line. In one of the better chances for the Blues to drop points, Chelsea were handed the game by a sputtering Spurs side who imploded midway through the second half. Besides a match against Arsenal at home, Chelsea face no obvious threat outside of the Liverpool game. Even if Liverpool were to miraculously go undefeated for the rest of the year, they would need Chelsea to drop at least a point somewhere.

Manchester United Win Easily Against West Brom: Manchester United beat West Brom 3-0, bouncing back from a shocking Champions League defeat. Nonetheless, United are 18 points off first place. What a wonderful sight.

FA Cup Action: Arsenal defeated Everton 4-1, sending the Gunners on to the FA Cup semi-finals. Down 2-0 on aggregate in the Champions League against Bayern Munich with their title aspirations fading, Arsenal desperately need to win the cup to have something positive to hold onto in a season that began with such promise.

Liverpool Win Meaningless Title: The Daily Mail have humorously published an article about how the league table would look if only English goalscorers counted. It means very little, but it's still nice to see Liverpool on top, reflecting the club's commitment to local talent. Unsurprisingly, Newcastle sit in last place in the weightless standings.

Sakho and Lucas Return: The French defender and Brazilian defensive mid are set to return to the first team after playing well in the latest U-21 match. Sakho will immediately bolster the struggling defense, and Lucas will help provide cover for the back line. It will be interesting to see who Rodgers deploys next to Sakho, and if he ever decides to try Agger alongside Sakho.

Henry Happy to Spend: Apparently John Henry will shell out the cash for Liverpool this summer, which is something that a lot of owners tend to say months before a window. Still, it's nice to hear.

Suarez Reflects On Childhood Football: On Liverpool's official website, Luis Suarez reflects on the impact of the street football he played in Uruguay as a young boy.