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Best/Worst of Liverpool v. Cardiff City

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Another Best/Worst from a 6-3 win...NOW WE HAVE GIFS!!!!!!

Best Liverpool Player - Luis Suarez:

Suarez scored three times and assisted another goal, leading Liverpool to their come from behind triumph. His movement continues to be world class, and by putting himself in positive positions Suarez makes everything else so much easier. All three of Suarez's goals happened because of the runs he made, and with his equally impressive finishing ability, the hat-trick was simple against Cardiff's back line. Suarez's partnership with Daniel Sturridge is entering the phase of telepathy, which is the most reasonable explanation for how Sturridge found Suarez's run with that back-heel flick. In the final minute of the match there were a some questions about whether Suarez should have passed to an open Raheem Sterling or not, but it's hard to expect a star striker to defer to a 19-year-old while on a hat-trick.

Suarez is closing in on the Premier League goalscoring record, and isn't showing signs of letting up. With a match against Norwich left, the record will likely get absolutely smashed.

Worst Liverpool Player(s) - Left Defense:

The left side of Liverpool's defense was gashed in the first half as Cardiff continuously ran at Joe Allen, John Flanagan, and Daniel Agger. Some of the success Cardiff found on that side was tactical as they exploited the diamond (and Flanagan) through wide passing, but a lot of the issues came from simple mental mistakes such as poor marking and misplaced clearance attempts. However, everyone played much better in the second half as Liverpool took control of the match.

Best Goal - Suarez (60'):

A stunning team goal put Liverpool ahead 4-2 when Sturridge flicked a no-look pass onto the path of Suarez who made no mistake in smashing the ball into the net.

Worst Miss - Philippe Coutinho (30'):

The miss had no bearings on the outcome of the match, but in the 30th minute Coutinho took a horrid shank of a shot from outside the box that drew a loud howl from the crowd.

Best Opponent - Jordan Mutch:

Mutch scored the first and third goals for Cardiff, consistently posing danger to the discombobulated left side of Liverpool's defense. There are comparisons to be made between his performance against the diamond and Adam Lallana's showing a few weeks ago. Mutch also gets points for having a pun-worthy last name.

Worst Post-Match Comment - Ole Gunnar Solskjær:

When asked if he thought Liverpool could win the title, the Cardiff manager responded, "Couldn't care less" before exiting the interview. I think it was a funny line from Solskjær and nothing to get mad at, but nonetheless the comment doesn't reflect particularly well on him.

Best Game Thread Comment - geir hasund:

"Another 90 minutes, another 6 goals. We play pretty sexy football ya'll!"

Best Gif Representation of First 25 Minutes:

I think this gif properly captures the surprise Liverpool fans felt upon going down 2-1 to Cardiff. Also, that may or may not be a distant relative of the Anfield Cat.

Best Gif Representation of Final 65 Minutes:


As always, feel free to drop an opinion in the comments. Next up in this magical season is another relegation-threatened side in Sunderland, who we play on Wednesday.