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Underwhelmed: West Brom 1-1 Liverpool Post-Match Thoughts

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Liverpool fail to capitalize on everyone's slip ups and end up with a disappointing draw to WBA.

Jamie McDonald

I've been wracking my brain for the right adjective to describe this game and it's aftermath and I just can't find it. Liverpool entered this game with the chance to put some distance between themselves and some of the followers and gaine ground on City and/or Chelsea as they both play tonight.  However, they were unable to do so in a sloppy performance which is indicative of the bipolar nature of this squad this year.  And as if you needed further proof of why Liverpool need to find someone during the window, there was no one on the bench to add any spark when the game was trudging along.

I'm not going to recap the match as it is something I'd rather forget.  It was a dull drab boring affair where Liverpool struggled in midfield.   The lack of a true defensive midfielder is starting to show.  It would be easy to single out Toure (and possible correct as he was dreadful most of the match) for blame, it is becoming a systemic problem.  The defense isn't good enough, but it isn't just the defense. It is the idea that a defense should always play the ball out of the back.  This mentality has lead to numerous errant passes when the defender should be hoofing it to safety and then resetting.  Liverpool should try to play it out of the back, but need to be smart enough not to force it if it isn't there.  That is becoming the underlying issue.  Playing it out of the back, turning it over in the midfield and then having it crammed right back down their throats.

More thoughts:

-Liverpool have not won a one goal game since they beat United on September 1.  The inability to grind out results, to get victories like that, shows this team is not a title contender and might not be a top 4 contender.

-The lack of consistency throughout the season is troubling and annoying.  Either Rodgers can't get his team motivated for the little games or the team can't put their collective ego aside.

-Sterling was fantastic.

-Only a keeper could get away with a two footed reckless challenge like the one Ben Foster made on Raheem Sterling.  When it's a keeper it is "good goalkeeping"; when it is an out field player he is "a menace to the game".

-The lack of a defensive midfielder is seeing Suarez drop ever deeper to try and regain possession.  This is hurting the effectiveness of the counter at times.

-Why is Stevie so bipolar in his new position?  He was excellent in front of the back four against Everton, but then was hardly influential against West Brom.  He seems to be on an every other game rotation for decent performances.

-This one stings a bit. At last it felt like Liverpool were going to grind out a result, but they found a way to laughably throw it all away.

-Martin Kelly looks like half the player he was before his injury.

-That's all, I don't want to think about this match anymore as it keeps reminding me this team has a long way to go.