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Bipolar: Liverpool 5-1 Arsenal Post Match Thoughts

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Liverpool destroy Arsenal leaving us with a smiles that still have not been wiped from our faces.

Michael Regan

First off, I must apologize for the tardiness of this article, sometimes life just gets in the way of football even though Bill Shankly would be disappointed in me for letting that happen.  That said, bipolar is the only word I can think for this current Liverpool side.  After being thoroughly disappointing only one week prior against West Brom, Dr. Iqbal must have slipped everyone in the side a little Prozac as Liverpool completely dismantled Arsenal in under 20 minutes.

Of all people, Skrtel got two including one in under one minute to turn the idea that a team can score too soon on it's head. After the first, Liverpool did not let up and Skrtel got another on a brilliant header from far out.  Next it was Sterling's turn after some beautiful interlinking play with Henderson and a fantastic cross from Suarez.  At this point it was only 16' into the match and the only question at this point was how many more would come.  It would only take three more minutes for Coutinho to slide one of his trade mark exquisite balls behind the Arsenal defense for Sturridge.  Sturridge, in fine form, made no mistake and Liverpool were up 4-0 in less than 20 minutes.

The best part of it all is that it actually could have been far more by this point. Suarez earlier unleashed what might have been the goal of the season had the post been 1/2 inches to the left.  The riccochet fell right to Kolo Toure who could only push it just wide as he was likely thinking about how he was going to sell the 2006 Renault he just got on the lot.  There were chances for Flanagan too in the first half and other as Liverpool buzzed about the pitch while Arsenal could only just stand there bewildered.

The second half was much of the same with only a boneheaded challenge by Gerrard gifting Arsenal a goal that made no difference, but allowed them to leave with the slightest bit of dignity in tact.  The challenge was reminiscent of many of the stupid penalties Lucas conceded early in his career which were the reason Liverpool fans took so long to warm to him.  It was a welcome three points that leaves me more confused than when the game started.  If Liverpool can crush teams like this, how are they struggling against some of the bottom dwellers?  I'll try not to focus too much on the negative (as I am prone to doing), but as the euphoria of the victory wears off, I can't help but scratch my head and wonder why this isn't what we see week in and week out.  It's all about as confusing as the envelopes scene in Being:Liverpool.

Lots of talking points so I'll get right to them:

-Say what you want about Rodgers, he definitely gets them up for the big games.

-I have no idea how it took nearly 60' before Wilshere finally got a yellow.  That was shocking.

-According to LFCTV, this was the fastest four goal lead in EPL history.

-What struck me was the incredible fluidity of the front 5 which just left Arsenal thoroughly baffled and unable to cope.  It was remarkable to watch as Arsenal defenders heads were left spinning like that little girl's in The Exorcist.

-Flanagan's development has been remarkable.  He has become a no-nonsense defender who has been able to support the attack well (although he still makes me nervous when he bombs forward).  It will be nice to have Enrique, Flanagan and Flanagan's mole on the bench.

-Stevie did quite well to slow down any Arsenal possession and keep it on the outskirts of the area, especially in the first half.

-What were the odds that Liverpool put up five and SAS would only has one of them?  This is great to see as Liverpool have been overly reliant on them for goals.

-Can someone explain to me why Cazorla needs an "S." on his top before his last name? So I don't confuse him with all the other Cazorla's on the Arsenal squad?

-There is a smidgen of me that feels like a sick human being for taking so much pleasure in the looks of dejection on the Arsenal bench.  Just a tiny tiny smidgen though.

-It really is a massive disappointment not to keep a clean sheet though.  It is becoming more and more clear that if Liverpool can shore up their leaky defense, they are title contenders.

-Maybe I do have an ounce of compassion.  I felt bad for laughing at Wenger slipping on the way to the station.  However, I still kept laughing.