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Best/Worst of Liverpool v Stoke City

Finally, a best/worst following a win.

Brendan Rodgers and Adam Lallana celebrate Glen Johnson's goal.
Brendan Rodgers and Adam Lallana celebrate Glen Johnson's goal.
Richard Heathcote/Getty Images

Best Liverpool Player: Simon Mignolet

I really had no idea who to give this to. Nobody really stood out to me as the best player, so I'm choosing Mignolet for 2 reasons. First, That save in extra time was massive. I don't think there was any way he could be faulted for allowing that to go in, but he saved it anyway. Second, the second half was pretty chaotic and back and forth. I don't think anyone would have been surprised to see Mignolet screw up at some point and allow a goal that he shouldn't have that would kill our hopes of winning. In the end, he kept the clean sheet, which is what really matters. Whether you agree or not, I think he deserves it as much as anyone.

Worst Liverpool Player: Glen Johnson

Yeah, I know, he scored the goal. But guess what, this is my best/worst, and I don't like Glen Johnson, and if I wanna say he was the worst, you're just gonna have to deal with it. Really though, Johnson was poor for most of the game, with the exception of scoring a goal. Also, nobody else really stood out to me as bad. This was a game where everyone had some good moments and some bad moments. So, since I don't like Johnson, he wins again.

Worst Miss: Lucas Leiva (63')

I'm not sure there was a worse person to take this  shot. The ball fell to a completely alone Lucas inside the box, and all he managed to do was shoot straight at Begovic. If we hadn't eventually gotten a winner, I think we really would have been ruing this missed opportunity.

Best Save: Simon Mignolet (90')

I had fully intended to give this to Raheem  Sterling for his goal line clearance up until Mignolet made this save. It literally saved the game. He's come under heavy criticism lately, and for good reason, so it was nice to see him step up and make a huge save when Liverpool needed it most.

Best Managerial Decision: Benching Gerrard

Gerrard has been logging all kinds of minutes, and it's clearly taking a toll. Rodgers said he wouldn't start him 3 times in a week, but I don't know if anyone would have been surprised to see him do it anyway. However, he didn't, and Liverpool were probably better as a result. Lucas did well as the holding mid, and the midfield held up. Hopefully this will be a sign to Rodgers that Gerrard doesn't  have to start for Liverpool to be successful.

Worst Managerial Decision: Subbing off Coutinho for Dejan Lovren (88')

Coutinho was set to make way for Adam Lallana up until Liverpool scored. Once we got the lead, Rodgers decided to put on Lovren instead, and give the Reds an extra defender. While I understand the idea, I hated it. Gerrard's introduction had already left a gap between the midfield and defense. Taking off Coutinho for Lovren pretty much guaranteed Liverpool weren't even going to attempt to attack, and we were very fortunate not to concede an equalizer. Mignolet's finger tips ended up being the only difference between 3 points and 1. I don't trust this team's ability to protect a lead by packing it in, and those last 9 minutes were quite stressful.

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