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Job Done: Liverpool 2-0 Oldham. Post Match Thoughts

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It wasn't as comfortable as it could have been, but Liverpool see off Oldham 2-0.

Wanna swap shirts?
Wanna swap shirts?
Clive Mason

Oldham proved a thorn in Liverpool's side last season as they dumped Liverpool out of the FA Cup.  However, Liverpool got their revenge and move on to play Bournemouth or Burton, whichever wins their match which was postponed due to their pitch being waterlogged.

However, it isn't all unicorns and rainbows. Liverpool were hardly convincing from everything I've read and the highlights I've seen.  Liverpool did well to turn the screw in the first half, but the usual lack of clinicality left them entering halftime 0-0.  After the break Liverpool looked the better side as Coutinho and Lucas came on for Moses (who was anonymous) and Alberto (who had a few decent flashes and good passes).  However, Aspas finally got off the mark in the 54th minute as he lashed home a bouncing cross into the far corner.  It was actually a difficult finish as it bounced up about waist high when he hit it and he did well to keep it down.

Liverpool though just couldn't find the second and Oldham started to grow into the game, driven on by a sense of desperation.  Sterling was lively down the wing, even laying off a beautiful ball to Coutinho at the top of the box who somehow managed to nearly put it out of the stadium.  Oldham had a number of decent chances to equalize with Jones being forced into a fine save as the Agger was sliced open by Petrasso who sent a screamer into Jones' left hand from the top of the box.

In the end though, it was an unfortunate own goal from a shot by Sterling which sealed the deal and sent Liverpool on into the next round.  It wasn't pretty, but they can't all be.  We should just be happy Liverpool are moving on, just ask David Moyes.

Some thoughts:

-Agger started...clean sheet.  Just sayin'.

-Suarez just couldn't be given a full day's rest.  He was so anxious I'm sure they were sick of listening to him beg to get out there as he came on in the 76'.

-Moses looked to be a fantastic signing, but has really failed to impress.  I'm not sure if it is him, the system, or the lack of playing time, but something isn't working.

-Aspas finally has made an impression and a good one.  He was all over the pitch working hard.

-Good to see Martin Kelly get a full 90 as he battles his way back from his ACL tear.

-I'm glad Rodgers' son got a run out against his dad.  Only question I have is if they swapped shirts after the match.