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That'll Do: Liverpool 2-0 Hull Post Match Thoughts

Liverpool get back to business and pick up a much needed 3 points against Hull Tigers City.

Matthew Lewis

It was exactly what was needed and showed a fantastc response to a disappointing run of games.  After two consecutive defeats and slipping from first to fifth in the table, Brendan Rodgers got his wounded side up to play although it wasn't always pretty.

The game started exactly how one would expect 22 young men to play the day after New Year's Eve.  Both sides looked lethargic and hungover, Liverpool were failing to string together passes in what looked more like a Sunday Pub League game until about the 30 minute mark.  Suarez did have an early chance called back for a very tight offside.  I'll spot the linesman that one as it was tight and probably right, unlike Sterling's against City which still has me scratching my head.  After that, Liverpool started turning the screw and it paid off as Agger headed home from Coutinho's corner near the near post.  After that, it was all Liverpool as it seemed to get their heads back on straight and piled on the pressure until the half with Sterling, Henderson and Coutinho missing good chances.

After the half it was more of the same as a number of players had fantastic chances. However, there was one man who just can't be stopped and that is Luis Suarez.  After drawing the foul a few yards outside of the box Suarez stepped up to take it and it was clearly already a foregone conclusion.  Even with McGregor cheating a bit to his near post, the curl power and pace were too much as the ball sailed perfectly into the near post upper corner.  It probably should have been at least 3 or 4 nil in the end with Coutinho somehow failing to find the net on a few more occasions, one imparticualr will haunt him as he cut and weaved from midfield all the way into the box and failed to find the net 1v1 with the keeper.

All in all, it was a decent performance (not Liverpool's best though contrary to what Brendan Rodgers has been saying) and should galvanize the squad.  Couple that with the return of Stevie G and the eminent return of Daniel Sturridge and Liverpool should be able to ride out the schedule until the Derby.

Some thoughts:

-Coutinho really needs to work on his accuracy.

-Sterling really needs to work on his decision making.

-Together, they both often look as if they are trying entirely to hard and they need to just settle down and play their game.

-I'd be shocked if Suarez is walking straight today.  Hull resorted to Stokian tactics in an attemps to slow it.  Fortunately, it only made him madder.

-More Agger please.  Today @KarlMatchette tweeted "LFC have kept six clean sheets this season, Agger has featured in five, but hasn't put a run of more than 3 appearances in a row yet".  Not sure what he needs to do in order to stake his claim for starting over Skrtel, but it is getting ridiculous.

-Good to see Toure out there as well.  He did well in relief of Johnson, getting forward well and supporting the attack.

-The January transfer window is now open.  Start the rumor mongering.