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Looking Down from Above - Liverpool 3, Sunderland 1

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Liverpool put Sunderland away handily, but it wasn't quite as comfortable as the scoreline indicates. Either way, the Mancs are looking up and Moyes' eyes are bulging.

Gareth Copley

For much of the match it wasn't overly convincing, but Liverpool got the job done and collected three more points which has seen them leap to second in the table.  It was an important three points given the doom and gloom that besieged Manchester this weekend.

Suarez made his return and managed to actually stay out of the book and kept his chompers off of everybody.  However, the match kept Liverpool on the backfoot for large periods of time as Sunderland managed to find ways to keep Liverpool pinned deep. The 3-4-1-2 that Rodgers is favoring right now given the players he has at his disposal does leave them a bit vulnerable as the midfield is struggling to dictate play right now.

Sturridge opened the scoring with a, well let's just call it fortunate, goal that appeared to come off his arm.  Whatever was slowing him down on Wednesday he appears to have found the cure for as he finished with two assists and one goal.  With Suarez back in the line up, the dynamic duo appeared to be back into the swing of things as Sturridge set up (perhaps we should say did all the hard work for) both of Suarez's goals.

Sunderland appeared rejuvinated and looked a decent squad.  Once again the Reds have to feel a bit lucky that everything went their way all things considered.  But hey, three points is three points and I'll gladly take it even if it means frayed nerves at times.

Some thoughts:

-Thank god everyone kept their beach balls at home. Speaking of which, why the hell would anyone even have had a beach ball in England where it is always cold and rainy?

-Lucas picked up a fifth yellow already and is now suspended for the next match.  It should be interesting to see how BR changes the lineup.  If Allen is fit it'll probably be a like for like swap.

-Suarez looks as dangerous as ever, "champing at the bit"

-Mignolet was continuously faulted by the commentator for the first goal, but that is a bit fair.  The initial ball was absolutely blasted at him and it traveled between Skrtel's legs.  He more than atoned with his earlier kick save and his subsequent play including starting the counter for the third.

-Toure had a fantastic match at right back.  He is proving to be probably the best piece of business BR did all summer.

-Stevie picked it up as well.  His passing was significantly better than the past couple matches.  I would still rather see him playing where Moses is, but there really isn't much option then to replace Stevie.

-Henderson looked dangerous, but really needs to work on his crossing.  I did like seeing him slide into Moses' role and wouldn't mind him getting a full game there to see if he can do better.

-My god those third kits really are ugly.  Has anyone actually bought a replica one?

-All in all, if I had told you at the beginning of the season that you could have 16 points after 7 games I doubt there is a single one of us that wouldn't have taken it.  This is a good feeling, let's just hope they keep grinding out the matches.