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Liverpool Player Ratings v. Manchester United

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As the lunatic beIN announcer put it, "That was a thriller the size of Michael Jackson"

Like a kick up the backside
Like a kick up the backside
Julian Finney


Mignolet - 7 - Didn't have much to do in all honesty, but when he was asked to make a big block he did the job. With the help of the crossbar, of course.

Toure - 6 - Coutinho's absence is likely a bigger deal, but the injury to Glen Johnson right as he was rounding into form has been nearly as devastating for Liverpool. Toure just isn't a great right back.

Sahko - 6 - He put his comrades under pressure a few times, but at the same time didn't make many mistakes that led to real danger.

Skrtel - 6 - A solid job from Skrtel.

Enrique - 7 - Enrique was absolutely scintillating besides some terrible marking on the Hernandez goal. He had some great crosses and attacking moments to go along with no nonsense defending.

Lucas - 6 - There were shimmers of excellence from Lucas -- several first half interceptions led to chances -- amongst a whole lot of mediocrity.

Gerrard - 5 - Gerrard was average, and would have netted a six rating had he been able to head away before Hernandez's goal. He's still looking for that first magical performance of the season, and he won't get it if Rodgers continues to play him 90 minutes every single match.

Henderson - 7 - Hendo played some sublime balls today, showing the type of forward agressiveness I asked for from him in an article a couple of weeks ago. He had a few miscues, and could have done better with his chance to score, but Henderson was still good overall.

Moses - 6 - Seemed to be trying to do too much before he was taken off in favor of Sterling.

Sturridge - 6 - His two main attack partners were new to the squad, with Suarez returning from ban and Moses recently arriving from Chelsea, so it isn't a surprise that Sturrudge was off. Yet it was more than that, as the mercurial striker seemed slightly wrong in the individual parts of the game too.

Suarez - 7 - Suarez hit the bar on a dazzling free kick and was involved in most of the chances Liverpool created. However, he showed a good deal of rust and will hopefully return to full ability in his next appearance.


Kelly - 6 - Barely noticed him on the pitch.

Sterling - 6 - Sterling has been a common sub under Rodgers this year, and the results have been as repeatable as a fast food hamburger -- that is to say that Sterling has not had much variety from performance to performance. He earned his customary free kick which was nice, but outside of that didn't do much.