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"Chomping at the Bit": Liverpool v Man U Preview

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It seems like deja vu, but Liverpool and United are again meeting tomorrow in a match that clearly appears to have been fixed.

Alex Livesey

US: 2:45pm ET on beIN Sport

UK: 7:45pm BST on Sky Sports 2

It's time. After all the pain and suffering Suarez caused Liverpool and its fans over the summer, the patience shown by the club will now come to fruition. As Brendan Rodgers so eloquently pointed out yesterday, Suarez should be "chomping at the bit" to get involved in the action. The real question though is whether or not the FA rigged the draw so that Suarez's return to action would be against Man United.

Both teams had howlers this past weekend (although United's had to be far more crushing). After being thoroughly beat down on Sunday by Man City, United will be looking to make a statement. The real question is can Moyes actually motivate his squad to perform.

As for the match, it should be the usual rough and tumble. For United van Persie still appears to be questionable although the latest news makes it appear he will be out. Without RvP United looked utterly impotent. Sure Rooney is always a threat, but if teams don't have to worry about RvP they are far more free to press high and press United's somewhat shaky defense (yes, that's you Evra).

On the flip side, Liverpool have a similar problem as seen on Saturday although it was more due to injuries. With Johnson, Agger and Cissokho out it is putting a strain on Liverpool's defense. Hopefully Rodgers learned his lesson after last weekend.

What we're looking for:

-Will Rodgers take the chance and attack to put United on the backfoot as Citeh did so well? Without RvP it seems a decent strategy.

-Heeeeeee's baaaaack. Suarez should add some much needed creativity that Liverpool looked to be lacking with Coutinho's injury.

-How awesome would it be is Rodgers gave the FA the finger and didn't play Suarez? Ok, yeah. We probably need him, but still I'd be okay with it.

-Liverpool's lack of defensive depth (which we all felt very comfortable with two weeks ago) is going to require Rodgers to find a solution. I don't know what it is, but 4 CBs is clearly not the answer. I'm all for a 3-5-2 of sorts with Stevie or someone playing off the strikers (Sturridge and Suarez).

-Without much else to play for this year, the team selection should say a lot about Rodger's actual intentions for the season and the tournament.

-Can we put a ban on weekday games? Watching off the DVR hours after the final whistle sucks. (loyal2reds)