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Liverpool Player Ratings v. Southampton

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One to forget.

Heroes tire too
Heroes tire too
Clive Brunskill


Mignolet - 6 - Despite making a few more excellent saves, he drove supporters mad with his frighteningly dangerous ball skills. Don't scare me like that anymore, Simon.

Toure - 5 - It was painfully obvious that Toure would struggle as a right back, and while he tried his best to get forward, he was unable to provide the width that Liverpool needed. Additionally, he appeared uncomfortable at times with the ball at his feet.

Skrtel - 5 - Not the defensive monster we saw against United and Swansea.

Agger - 6 - Before being subbed off, Agger was probably the best defender for Liverpool, which while not a high standard to meet, earned Agger a six.

Sakho - 5 - His game mirrored Toure's, although the Sakho was a little more uncomfortable looking.

Lucas - 6 - Lucas had a few moments early on when he surprisingly involved himself in the attack and looked like a bit of a beast, but after that it was a tepid performance from the Brazilian, who was forced to cover for a gassed Steven Gerrard.

Gerrard - 5 - Gerrard needs rest. Beyond some nice set pieces, he was clearly not at his best. It's important not to use this match as an indictment of Gerrard's overall quality though, as he still has a spark in him. Liverpool need to simply manage his minutes better. He was very close to saving the Southampton goal from crossing the goal-line, which might have just earned Gerrard a ten. Some things aren't meant to be.

Henderson - 6 - Another rock solid game for Hendo who is becoming a consistent contributor for the Reds.

Aspas - 4 - In fairness to Aspas he played better than against Swansea, but then again that isn't saying much. He shouldn't start until he figures out how to play at the Premier League level.

Moses - 7 - Moses was the best attacking threat, although he occasionally was overly individualistic when going at Southampton defenders. He was lively though, and it was an impressive Anfield debut.

Sturridge - 6 - For the first time this season he didn't score. It's unclear if his mediocre game was a result of poor supply from the midfield or a lack of incisive runs, but Sturridge didn't do much either way. Should have been awarded a first half penalty.


Sterling - 6 - Probably his best match so far this season. I would have given him a seven if he hadn't had such a poor touch when in on goal at the end of the match.

Enrique - 5 - Enrique was curiously not in the starting lineup and struggled to do anything productive in his time as a substitute.

Alberto - 5 - Alberto was essentially anonymous which was dissapointing considering a recent three goal performance with the U21s.