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Lethargic - Liverpool 0, Southampton 1

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Liverpool put in a lethargic performance which sees Southampton take a deserved victory.

Yeah, let's never try that back four thing again.
Yeah, let's never try that back four thing again.
Clive Brunskill

The Reds drop to their first defeat of the season in a very underwhelming performance that leaves Reds everywhere wondering where the attack is going to come from. While Liverpool enjoyed possession, they completely failed to turn any of it into anything threatening apart from two set pieces. Eventually we knew this would come to an end, just not necessarily to Southampton at Anfield.

This is a tough one to put behind us and a bitter pill to swallow, but let's just all agree to forget this ever happened. It is on to Suarez's return against United in what has to be a pairing that was anything but random by the FA.

Some disjointed thoughts after a discombobulated performance:

-Not a single Liverpool player appeared to want the ball. No one attacked it. No one wanted it. It was horribly frustrating.

-This has to be one of the most poor games I've seen Stevie G play in a long time. His passes were off and his influence was nonexistent.

-Rodger's gamble to play four CB's clearly didn't pay off. Southampton pressured them constantly into mistakes that you just don't feel would have been made had this been a more natural back line. They really struggled to get out of the back. It was just a poor decision, let's hope he never tries it again.

-To go along with that, perhaps pulling off Aspas and putting on Allen, which would have allowed Stevie to play in the hole, would have been better. Oh wait...for some reason Allen wasn't even on the bench.

-I can't go without mentioning the abhorrent refereeing. My how things might have been different if the penalty would have been given, or the foul against Moses or...well I could go on, but it still doesn't absolve Liverpool of their insipid performance.

-So in this run, Liverpool have only managed 5 goals. That is hardly impressive if you consider the nature of their last two goals. Coutinho's creativity was clearly missed today so Suarez will be a very welcome return.

-Oh, and that Mingolet triple save was absolutely unbelievable. He has already proved to be worth well more than his transfer fee.