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Liverpool Player Ratings v. Swansea City

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The Jonjo Shelvey Comedy Program was primarily an individual act, but there were others who impacted the show.

Stu Forster


Mignolet - 7 - There wasn't much Mignolet could have done about either goal. What he did do was make a handful of great stops for the rest of the match, preventing a potential loss for Liverpool.

Wisdom - 5 - Playing out of position at right back, Wisdom didn't make any glaring defensive errors. The problem for him was in going forward when he couldn't complete passes, which is understandable considering he is a natural center defender.

Skrtel - 9 - He was the best player on the pitch for Liverpool, seemingly blocking every shot and getting every challenge right. His signature play came at the end of the first half when he stopped Wilfried Bony from slotting into an open net through a dramatic last ditch tackle. This is the second consecutive high quality performance from Skrtel.

Sakho - 5 - His feet were glued to the edge of the area in the second minute when Shelvey dribbled right by, eventually scoring to put Swansea up 1-0. Besides that he was so-so, a little to casual in possession and sometimes clumsy in his challenges. It's hard for a center back to go to a new team and succeed right away, especially in a hostile environment, so Sakho has some slack to work with.

Enrique - 6 - There were times when I forgot he was playing, and whether that was good or bad I don't know. A neutral six it is for the Spaniard.

Lucas - 5 - I thought that Lucas was sitting too deep, but that may have been a result of Rodgers trying to protect his 2-1 lead. Nonetheless, what really kept Lucas from a higher rating is that he got a little too feisty for my liking which drew the team's attention away from finding another goal.

Gerrard - 5 - Aside from some free kicks and corners, Gerrard was nonexistent. Perhaps it was the international duty that drained him or an example of how his age is becoming more and more of a factor, but this was not vintage Gerrard.

Henderson - 6 - Consider this a high six. I liked Hendo's first half both in attacking and tracking back, but like the rest of the team he disappeared for much of the second.

Coutinho - 7 - Every symphony needs its conductor, and without Luis Suarez, Coutinho has filled that role. He was asked to play centrally by Rodgers in this one, but wound up being pretty much everywhere. His fluid movement and ball distribution made the offense click early, and his injury proved to be a turning point in the match.

Moses - 8 - Moses was miles better than I expected him to be, plain and simple. He scored a nice goal after an extensive dribble, and was vital to most of the positives in the match. Moses also created a splendid chance for Sturridge in the first half from a cross.

Sturridge - 7 - The goal was well taken, although it would have been a travesty if he'd failed to score. Besides that, Sturridge made a few lively runs but had his supply line cut off as the game wore on. Four goals in four matches is mighty impressive.


Aspas - 2 - Aspas came on for Coutinho and was terrible. That's all that has to be said.

Toure - 5 - I'm not entirely sure why he was brought on but he failed to fulfill whatever Rodgers' wishes were. Glad to see him fit though.

Sterling - 5 - Another empty sub appearance for Sterling. There was the usual foul drawn off the dribble in Swansea's final third, and of course an unnecessary free kick conceded at the other end.