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Liverpool Transfer Roundtable: Through the Window Shines Sunlight

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He can keep the ball away from FIVE little kids? Sign him up!
He can keep the ball away from FIVE little kids? Sign him up!
Scott Barbour

Brendan Rodgers made a summer without football more enjoyable by having an active transfer window. He purchased some young attacking help in Aspas and Alberto, and was able to secure the loan of Victor Moses. Perhaps more importantly, he signed Toure, Ilori, and Sakho, turning a back line of question marks into a back line of exclamation points. Aly Cissokho also joined the Liverpool ranks on loan from Valencia.

There was also the Suarez saga, which while amounting to very little in the end, left Liverpool management looking strong.

Oh, and Brendan Rodgers did something real mean to Sam Allardyce. Rodgers snuck into his house, took his money, and dropped Stewart Downing and Andy Carroll off on his way out. Wait, Allardyce wanted both of these players, offering to pay their wages? Okay then.

And with that, I'll drop the curtain and let the Anfield Asylum cast discuss their view of the window that was.

How did the deals Rodgers made over the last weekend of the window change your opinion on his summer businesses?

Rodgers made me very happy by signing Ilori and Sakho, so his late dealings certainly made me feel better about the overall window. Moses was a good pickup as well, and I think he could be a source of some unexpected production this year. (loyal2reds)

Quite a bit to be sure. The early signings we made were all quality but lateral when weighed against the names/fees that exited. Two center backs coming in was pretty huge, we haven't this much depth at the back in quite some time. Like Moses as well, but am a little concerned by the Borini loan. There have been a few moments with his name on them already. (Matt)

To be honest, I was happy in the first place. But the fact that we've signed Sakho especially is even better. I love what Kolo's done so far but he can't do it all the time. (JAceKopite16)

Which signing/departure will we remember in 10 years for being the most memorable deal (for better or worse)?

Don't drill me for saying this, but Aspas hasn't looked too convincing thus far. That said, he has plenty of time to turn it around and I'm confident he'll do so. I also don't think his fee is big enough for him to become memorably bad. On the good side, Sakho seems like he could change the entire dynamic of our defense, so I'll go with him as my pick to be the most memorable. (loyal2reds)

Sakho certainly stands a great chance, maybe Alberto or Ilori turns into a superstar. Overall it'll be the Mignolet-Reina swap. A painful but increasingly more obvious switch. Wish all the best for the Spaniard but Mignolet has been getting better and better each time out. His assuredness against United was tremendously impressive. (Matt)

I feel like everyone has the potential to do well. Ilori has passed his previous hurdles with flying colors apparently, and by the looks of things it won't be that long until he's consistently fighting for a place in the XI. While even to look at Sakho you can tell he's a beast. Alberto and Aspas did very well in pre-season, but look like they need time to adjust to England proper. Kolo and Vic should know their way around, having been here (As in England) so long, so it's hard to say. Our best signing so far I think has been Simon. He's done well in all the matches he's played. (JAceKopite16)

Is there an area that you think Rodgers should have done more to address?

There aren't any glaring areas in my opinion, but a backup defensive mid would have been nice. (loyal2reds)

The Moses deal was interesting because it seems like we missed out on the big-hitters (Mkhitaryan, Willian, Diego Costa) and made a more flexible move with the loan (bummer about Chelsea's refusal of buy-option). We're clearly identifying targets then setting values and sticking to them. It's the real way to play the market and I wouldn't be stunned to see a January pickup. I'm already foolishly imagining a 3rd place Liverpool making a move for World Cup hopeful Juan Mata in four months. (Matt)

Really, after we picked up Aly Cissokho, despite his injury there's an extra left-back. And Sakho can also play there. So that's handled. And also with the Defensive-midfield area we only have Lucas as an out-and-out, but Hendo and Joey can play there if needed. I think we're solid. (JAceKopite16)

Any thoughts on the Suarez saga? Are you on good terms with him again or are you still bitter?

After saying he should be immediately transferred after biting Ivanovic and being annoyed at him over the summer, I'm fine with Suarez now. A goal in his first game back against United wouldn't do any harm. (loyal2reds)

Blah. Use him for the goals, sell him abroad in the summer and try to wash away the self-loathing. Unworthy of the shirt and a reflection of the times we live in. (Matt)

Touch and go. He mightn't be the same player when he comes back. That said if he scores a winner at the Toilet I'll be over the moon. (JAceKopite16)

Which other EPL team's transfers (or lack thereof) most caught your eye?

Arsenal's window was extremely dramatic, as Wenger sat on his hands for most of the summer before striking a bargain deal on the last day to bring in Ozil, a world class player. (loyal2reds)

Arsenal's work was schizophrenic and the current back-slapping funny too. Villa bought nicely as did Swansea. I'm taking United because David Moyes behaved like a virgin on prom night for a solid three months. (Matt)

Holy cow, too many teams. It was like Spurs were buying just for the sake of it, (But some other londoners were doing that as well!) While Arsenal and Man U ended up getting Andy Carroll'd, really. Ozil is much better and promising than Afroshite though. It'll be interesting to see. (JAceKopite16)