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Feels Like Warm Apple Pie: Liverpool 1, Mancs 0

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Liverpool show resolve to see out the match, but it wasn't all unicorns and rainbows

Alex Livesey

Liverpool have pulled off what most of us thought was unlikely, they've no started with 9 points from 9 for the first time since Forrest Gump was first proclaiming his love for Jenny. That year Liverpool finished fourth.

Before I get accused of being too negative, this was a fantastic result out of a rather nerve-racking affair. Liverpool played with resolve, determination and of course a bit of luck. Like we've see in the last two matches this team has shown the ability three games in a row now to grind out games. The goals will come, but the ability to do this will take us into the top four if they can keep it us.

However, it wasn't always pretty. Liverpool were pinned deep for much of the second half with a bend but not break style of play. They did well to keep United on the fringes, but allowed too many dangerous crosses. They were susceptible down the wings. In addition the huge gap between the midfield and strikers along with the strikers' inability to hold up play long enough to allow the rest of the team to join the attack meant United had the majority of the possession.

That said, three points are three points and when it comes against your biggest rival, they feel great, like warm apple pie...

Quick points:

-Really, we got Fergie timed at Anfield? That just pisses me off, I don't care how many cards and injuries there were.

-Liverpool cannot continue winning 1-0. We need to see some of the domination turned into domination on the scoreboard.

-The scowls on Moyes' eyebrowless face were priceless and showed the absolute pressure he is clearly feeling.

-Enrique and Henderson quietly had very good games. Henderson was everywhere towards the end of the match mopping up anything he could.

-Johnson did well in defense, but continues to look shaky going forward.

-Mingolet again proved he might be the best buy of the offseason. He made a couple of solid saves and absolutely dominated his box when required.

-Haha, RVP thinks he can kick Skrtel's ass. How cute, I would love to see that fight.

-Am I the only one a bit shocked there was no red card produced? Overall I should say Mariner did a decent job in a very testy match.

-Could an international break come at a worse time? Picking that momentum back up will not be easy, but will be vital.