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A Note to the Anfield Asylum Community

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I will never stop using Carra pictures
I will never stop using Carra pictures
Julian Finney

Hey all,

As Liverpool close in on the worst first date of all time against Stoke, I thought it would be a good time to discuss our Anfield Asylum community.

SB Nation is such a special place because of the communities that it fosters. It encourages participation from everyone and serves as a forum for thoughtful conversation on our favorite teams.

Anfield Asylum is one of many SB Nation communities, and we're always looking to make this community bigger and better. We welcome anyone that wears red on Saturday and can't stand Manchester United or Everton. So don't be afraid to come out of the shadows if you are a lurker and please participate more if you're shy. If you are new here, don't be afraid to speak your mind. We don't bite (insert Suarez joke here). This is one of the only places on the internet where you can freely talk about Liverpool with likeminded people without the presence of trolls, spammers, and generally obnoxious people. Think of this as a safe haven from the chaos that the internet brings.

The best way for everyone to get to know each other better is on match day threads. About 30 minutes before every match I will put up a "gamethread" where people are encouraged to discuss match events as they unfold. Gamethreads are at the heart of what SB Nation is all about as they capture the purest emotions and interactions. Before I found Anfield Asylum, I only had my television to scream at. Now I have this blog AND my television to scream at. So 30 minutes before game time, come here and be a part of our community. (Note: There will not be a thread for the Celtic friendly because people often don't watch preseason games live. The Stoke match will be the first gamethread.)

I guess this is also a fine opportunity to review blog guidelines. Here at Anfield Asylum we don't have many rules and generally encourage people to speak their mind. Furthermore, differences of opinion are not only allowed but are highly thought of. Pretty much all that isn't allowed here beyond the obvious trolling/spamming are any sort of personal attacks or insensitive remarks toward any group of people. Honestly this has never been a problem here but it might as well be brought up for any newcomers.

Lastly, to keep up with our posts and also to hear our spontaneous thoughts, follow us on twitter @AnfieldAsylum.