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YNWA: Celtic v Liverpool Preview

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The last preseason match is the battle of YNWA. If you aren't anxious to get this team which has steam rolled the competition this preseason then you aren't a fan.

Bring it!
Bring it!
Clive Brunskill

UK: 5:00pm BST on BT Sport1

US: 12:00pm EDT on beIN Sport

This preseason has given Liverpool a taste of what it is to be Celtic on a weekly basis, playing nothing but crap sides, only Celtic's games actually get to count. It has been quite a while since these two teams met. It was actually on a preseason tour by the Reds in 2004 when they played in Hartford, CT. Liverpool ran out 5-1 winners, it was Rafa's second match in charge, Michael Owen was still wearing red (albeit not for much longer). It was a fantastic match that saw Cisse score twice and the rarest of all things, a Stephen Henchoz goal. Liverpool would go one to hoist the Champions League trophy that season; hopefully this is a good omen.

Much has changed as these two meet on the weekend before the start of the season. Celtic now literally have no competition and Liverpool are struggling to reach the heights they were at back then. It has been a successful preseason so far with Liverpool only conceding one solitary goal thus far. This will definitely be their stiffest test and should provide a good litmus test for how the season might shape up.

Some thoughts to look for from the AA team:

-After a preseason like they've had, the last thing Liverpool will want to do is enter on a loss. Keeping the momentum is key for a successful start to the campaign. (Adam)

-Both clubs have adopted YNWA as their song. The opening rendition should be breathtaking, but I still doubt it will surpass 95,000 half drunk Aussies singing their hearts out. (Adam)

-The atmosphere will be electric, so if rash and unpredicted tackles come in, it's not unexpected (JAceKopite16)

-On a quick Suarez note, it is remarkable that Suarez has been suspended for over 20 matches for Liverpool without EVER having been red carded for Liverpool. (Adam)

-Liverpool's preseason tour has become more difficult with every match, and in Celtic they will run into a very legitimate side. I've liked the schedule of this preseason because of the way it has eased the team into footballing shape ahead of what should be a dogfight against Stoke. (loyal2reds)

-To add to Adam's mention of the Suarez suspension, the play of the other attackers in this friendly will determine who Rodgers decides to employ up top in the first game of the season without the Uraguayan. (loyal2reds)

-With Hooper gone, Samaras will be heavily involved; he is a "Stoke type" of player. It'll be interesting to see how we mark him. (JAceKopite16)

-In case you're curious, we sang it first (Adam)