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Just a Walk in the Park: Liverpool 4, Valarenga 1

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Liverpool comfortably put away another preseason foe.

Thananuwat Srirasant

Only one more friendly to go, and as usual Liverpool strolled to an easy victory despite two completely different sides in each half. The momentum will be important as form is seemingly just as important as skill many times in football. Their next test should be much stiffer, but no one could argue that it hasn't been a fantastic preseason thus far. Let's just hope all the travel hasn't completely worn out the squad.

Some observations from the match:

Am I the only one who noticed the Valerenga keeper looked a lot like Stifler from American Pie? Either way he was excellent until the goal finally went in.

Healthy Joe Allen is looking a lot better so far. I'm still not sure that more advanced CM role he seems to have been in is best for him, but he is looking decent.

A Coates sighting! And he wasn't atrocious! Still not worth keeping, but it was worth noting.

Downing was very good and has been lively this preseason. Surely we can get more than 5m for him. At least he is honoring his contract and trying to increase his value know who.

Suarez needs to take a lesson from Ibe about what playing with heart is. He continues to impress.

Don't get too excited, I wouldn't expect Premier League opposition to afford Liverpool so much space around the box and to give away the ball so cheaply.

While Liverpool did win, it was a bit worrisome that they were unable to turn all of their possession and chances into goals in the first 30 minutes.

I am sorry. I jinxed it like I knew I would. Liverpool finally gave up a goal. That was a difficult one for defenders that you just hope the keeper can cover, especially because the angle is usually poor for a header when you are beyond the front post. Jones has to have a little blame for sitting completely flat footed.

Stat of the match: Valarenga have 5,663 followers on twitter, Liverpool have 1.8 million on their English feed alone.

Aspas so far looks much more dangerous than Alberto overall.

Borini's song should be set to "I Can't Dance", perhaps "I Can't Score". The Phil Collins reference should make Stevie happy too.

Coutinho was again at the heart of a goal. He will be vital for Liverpool to compensate for the inevitable loss of Suarez.

Bottom line is we didn't learn anything new. Liverpool look good, but be cautious. That doesn't always translate to EPL success.