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On Second Thought, Luis Suarez Can Go to Hell

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Thoughts on the most recent crap Suarez's is putting Liverpool through.

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Chris Brunskill

If you believe all the rumors, Suarez is set to hand in a transfer request and even go to court to force through his transfer. Given the fact that he has done this before, no one should take this as an idle threat. While he lost his previous case and would likely lose this one, the damage would be irreparable if he were to follow through on this. So at this point I say f#$% you Suarez.

Suarez is claiming he was told he could leave if the club didn't make the Champions League, yet he foolishly didn't get that in writing. Furthermore, why has he waited so long to express his new found desire to leave Liverpool? If it was that important to him he should have asked to leave as soon as he bit Ivanovich and it was apparent Liverpool weren't making the Champion's League. However, in Feburary he appeared very realistic to Liverpool's chances of reaching the Champion's League and seemed very willing to give it more time if necessary.

Throughout Suarez's time at Liverpool the fans and club have remained fiercely loyal to him. While not necessarily defending him or his antics, we accepted them as his overall contribution to the club, his loyalty to the fans and appreciation for our support appeared to be genuine. When he came out and said he might want out of England because he felt the English media was out to get him, most of us completely understood. However, the rest of this is inexplicable.

Now Wenger manages to pry his wallet open, surely it needed a little lubrication to get open after years of being folded in his back pocket, and he for some reason targets Suarez. The real question is if he is pulling a Mourinho and just trying to unsettle him before the season (like Jose is doing with Rooney) or if he is legitimately interested. Based on preseason form (which is hardly a good indicator) Liverpool are looking like a legitimate contender for a Champion's League spot. It is entirely possible that Wenger sees this and looks at his team knowing he will once again be fighting for fourth and is trying to get in Liverpool's biggest star's head.

As for Suarez, this debacle shows what he actually thinks and feels. He isn't about the club. He doesn't love Liverpool or it's fans. He loves himself and feels sorry for himself. Few sets of fans have been drug through more in such short times than Liverpool fans with Suarez. From his diving, biting and his "cultural differences" with Evra, he has given Liverpool fans more than sufficient reason to boot him from our hearts. However, we stuck by him, most knowing that is what he needed in hopes his behavior would improve. The biting was the last chance for Suarez. Further indiscretions and the subsequent sullying of the Liverpool name would not be tolerated, but we stuck by him. The rapturous applause he received during Stevie's testimonial showed the man what he means to the club, but apparently he doesn't care.

Many Liverpool fans would understand if Suarez decided to move abroad given his feelings about the media, but now he appears content to just move which is a slap in the face of every Liverpool fan. Now we are the ones with ostrich sized egg on our face. The worst part of the whole thing are the lies that have emanated from Suarez himself. First he is happy, next he is unsettled out of the blue.

So to Suarez I say, piss off and screw you. I'm done defending you. To John Henry, hold out for a reasonable price with due consideration to the absurd fees being offered for Bale, but send him out of England. There is no way we want to face him as he is one of the best footballers on the planet twice a year, especially if Liverpool will be potentially fighting for fourth with the team trying to unsettle him.

The best option is to give him a written clause allowing a transfer if Liverpool don't make the Champion's league this year. This truly is the most fair for both parties, but Suarez must honor the contract he signed less than a year ago. It is time he stop running from all his problems to meet them head on and actually deal with them. If he runs again it shows he really is a lost cause and Liverpool will be better off as he shows no desire to change.

Personally I'm tired of irrationally trying to justify irrational behavior in the name of the club. I'm tired of watching him drag Liverpool's name through the mud. He has already tarnished King Kenny's reputation and the club can't let that happen again if we are to move forward. The club is bigger than Suarez and will move on. While there may not be a player out there that can replace the goals for the money Liverpool will get for Suarez, a relatively drama free season should be quite refreshing and good for the team...if he goes.

One final point, the irony of Suarez airing his dirty laundry to the English media should not be lost on anyone.