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He's Big and He's F@#$ing Hard: Thoughts from Stevie's Testimonial

Better late than never, some thoughts on Stevie's Testimonial.

Clive Brunskill

Well that certainly wasn't the type of testimonial I would have expected, but the seriousness with which it was conducted at Stevie G's request shows what kind of professional he truly is. It also shows the ambition he has to get this club back up to the top and we saw an absolutely dominating performance and yet another shut out against arguably better opposition. Thankfully there are only two matches and 11 days left.

Some quick takes from the game:

- That back heel flick on the volley was amazing. Too bad Allen screwed it up from 5 yards. At least Allen didn't screw it up a minute later when Aspas set him up from 1 yard. However, he then took another page out of Borini's book of finishing by missing a wonderful cross from Stevie. All I got out of this is don't expect Joe Allen to score.

-Given Halsey's recent run of calls against Liverpool and for Man U, I am a bit curious if Gerrard got to pick the ref. Not that he was poor, but he certainly wouldn't have been my first pick.

-Full credit to Olympiacos' keeper. He made a couple outstanding saves before the 30' mark to keep this from becoming an absolute blowout and at least two more in the second.

-Who the hell is this Jordan Henderson and where the hell did they find him? The big thing I've noticed so far is his movement off the ball, mainly his runs, has been superb. He looks like he played a lot of FIFA over the summer to improve his footballing brain.

-Oh Robbie, inches away, denied by a late sliding tackle; that would have been special. However, with that little gut he was sporting I'm not sure he'd fit into a modern pass and move BR style side. On the other hand, he is God.

-Good to see Wee Jay Spearing even if his Liverpool career is likely to involve another loan or transfer. Latest rumors are that Bolton want him back.

-Oh yeah, and that Gerrard guy is pretty damn good.