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It's That Time Again...Liverpool v Man U Preview

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The first of at least three meetings this year comes quickly. Get your rage ready and your outrage on standby.

"I'll give you something to chew on"
"I'll give you something to chew on"
Michael Regan

RIGGED!!!!!! Yeah, don't tell me two of the balls weren't frozen before putting them in the bowl for the Capital One Cup draw. Suarez's first game back from suspension will now be against United and I'm sure the FA is just licking their lips. What would be hilarious is if BR didn't start him.

Anyways, on to the match at hand. United are catching Liverpool at a bad time coming off an unexpected and unwanted 4-2 extra time win over Notts County. This left them with a depleted squad losing Allen, Cissokho and Toure. Of the trio, Toure is obviously the most worrying. The question marks at the center of defense when coming up against arguably the most lethal striker in the Premier League are going to lead to some sleepless nights for Rodgers and any Liverpool fan leading up to this match.

United are on the back of a very drab affair against Chelski on Monday. This means they will have an extra day of rest plus the fact that the match could not go to extra time (thank god). However they bring a relatively healthy squad, at least physically and pretty much an identical squad to last year since David Moyes can't figure out what it means to have money.

The bottom line is nothing really matters in these matches as we all know. Unfortunately we won't have Jonjo to put Moyes in his place. It is sure to be a feisty affair as usual. However, the real question remains...will Rooney shake Moyes' hand?

What we'll be looking for:

I'll get the obvious out of the way, can the back line handle RVP and/or Rooney? Really it is RVP's lethal finishing that has to be a worry. Liverpool have given up a few chances in their previous matches, chances that RVP will put away. (Adam)

I want to see Glen Johnson's best performance of the year. Time for him to step his game up a level. (Matt)

Can Liverpool shut down RVP? They haven't done so in some time. (loyal2reds)

Who is lining up next to Daniel Agger in the back? (loyal2reds)

I'm already nervous. I hope we can get at least Sakho before this game, I don't like the odds of a Skagger backline against RVP. (JAceKopite16)

Our defensive line has a lot of question marks, but for me whichever squad has the best midfield wins the game. How much energy does Stevie have? Can the Samba twins run the show?

I'm going into the devil's lair. On Sunday I'll be game threading from a United fan's house. (loyal2reds)

Let's absolutley smash 'em. (loyal2reds)

This game is almost certainly going to have more than 2 goals. Let's hope we can get them all. (JAceKopite16)