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Friday Quick News and Links: Insight into John W. Henry

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Some links from the interwebs for the dead time between today and Sunday. Injury updates, and Wenger's delusional thought processes.

Liverpool FC

An excellent interview of John Henry and Tom Werner by Man in Blazer Rog Bennet. It gives some good insight to the thought processes behind the scenes.

Updates on the recent injuries from Sky Sports. It's not as bad as initially thought for Toure.

Well this is an odd, unexpected transfer rumor. Apparently, the Reds are back in for Ilori, that's not the odd one.

It looks like Arsene is a bit jealous. I thought he had the cash, instead he is signing his players of yesteryear on free transfers. I do pity the Arsenal fans, the old miser just couldn't change his ways no matter what he was given.

Lastly, some full kit wankers to cheer you up and make you realize your life is actually not so bad...unless one of these is you.