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OH YOU BEAUTY!: A Preview of Stevie's Testimonial

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A preview of Stevie G's upcoming testimonial against Olympiacos

OH YOU BEAUTY!!!!!!!!!!!!
OH YOU BEAUTY!!!!!!!!!!!!

UK: Bt Sport, 1245pm BST Saturday Aug 3rd

US: beIN Sport 8:30pm EDT on Saturday

Could there be a more fitting team to have Gerrard's testimonial against? Maybe West Ham (FA Cup final 2006 aka "The Gerrard Final"), but surely they wouldn't agree to that. Fair play to them for being willing to do this. If I were an Olympiacos fan this would haunt me forever.

Given this, it is a must we talk a little history and probably shed some tears of joy remembering the unbridled joy felt as Gerrard slammed the ball home on a half volley. Screw it, just watch the video (isn't YouTube great?):

The importance of that goal cannot be overstated as you all know. The pure emotion of desperation, followed by absolute elation is exactly the roller coaster ride of emotions that make football the greatest sport on Earth. Without that goal, we never would have gotten to experience the even more gut wrenching Final in Istanbul.

I've become lost in emotion, I guess it's time to talk about the game:

-It's an f-ing testimonial, there is nothing to analyze. Sit back, enjoy it and boo the crap out of Torres unless Stevie asks us not to (assuming he is invited to play) and enjoy seeing Alonso back at Anfield (assuming he is invited). Either way, I am anxious to see the line ups and will post them as soon as they are available. It should be a great reunion, maybe even an appearance from my gingy man-crush Riise.