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Asylum Rubber Room: Wednesday Stories and Links

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Some interesting links from the interwebs, some Liverpool related, some not.

Tom Szczerbowski

-Football fans have little else on their minds apparently. Based on other studies I have seen, this study clearly shows men only think about two things, sports and sex. There isn’t any other time to think about anything else.

-You just have to watch this. I was crying by the end of it. You might have to watch it again to catch some of the looks on the Spurs players' faces. Priceless:

-Here is the behind the scenes from Spurs TV with an interview of Jason Sudeikis.

-A must read for all USMNT fans and is still hilarious for anyone else. It’s no wonder few people take US Soccer seriously. This must have set the soccer movement in the US back 20 years easily.

-An interesting interview and look back at Raheem’s rise in an interview with a BBC writer. Unfortunately it happened before his more recent troubles.