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The Asylum Roundup: LFC News and Links

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A quick look at the latest bits of news in the footballing world.

Michael Dodge

Liverpool have moved to bring a young left back in on loan.

Pepe Reina is backtracking a bit from an earlier expression of anger towards how Liverpool handled his loan deal to Napoli.

Brendan Rodgers has offered £21m for striker Diego Costa according to BBC.

Jack Robinson joins a list of young Liverpool players going out on loan as he completes a move to Blackpool.

I'm currently reading a book about a statistical revolution going on in soccer right now. The movement is still in its early stages and will without doubt face resistance, but it is exciting that breakthroughs are happening every day. This article on the correlation between possession won in the attacking third and match day success, and how we can properly use this data to evaluate players, is fascinating.

Looking around the EPL, the Gareth Bale saga continues with the latest rumor being that Tottenham want Luka Modric as part of the return for their star.

Tottenham are also set to sign Soldado from Valencia.

Feel free to discuss the above news and post your own links in the comments section.