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Window Shopping Liverpool Transfer Targets: Jesé Rodriguez

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Whether as a kid in a candy store tossing around dad's pocket change like you're Patrick Ewing at the Gold Club or if your besotted buddy was foolish enough to invite you onto his bar tab, there are few joys in life greater than going shopping with someone else's money. Though it may just be of the window variety, I couldn't pass up the opportunity to do some shopping on Brendan Rodgers's behalf as he continues his squad-building efforts in the transfer market.

Kevork Djansezian

So, with all this fictitious money burning the very real hole in my pocket, I came up with five players I'd love to waste Fenway Sports Group's money on this summer. As an alternative to yesterday's target Georginio Wijnaldum, today's lottery winner is:

Jesé Rodriguez - Attacking Midfielder/Forward Real Madrid

While England is left licking its wounds after yet another summer of failure at the youth level, the top teams in sunny Spain are suffering from a quite different problem: finding playing time for all of their young talent. One player who looks to be on his way out is Real Madrid's Jesé, who, having already complained about a lack of minutes under ex-boss Jose Mourinho, sounds disenchanted by the heavy rumors of further additions to Madrid's attacking corps this summer.

The 20 year old from Las Palmas has every reason to feel slighted. He was absolutely electric for Real Madrid's Castilla squad this past season with 22 goals in 38 games in la Liga Adelante. By comparison, and taking advantage of a chance for a completely gratuitous dig at Manchester United, the Red Devils spent a minimum of 10 million pounds on Wilfried Zaha, scorer of eight goals in 50 matches for Crystal Palace in the Championship.

Somewhat in the mold of compatriots David Silva and Juan Mata, Jesé is at his best when spending his time playing just off the main striker, though he is also more than capable of moving out to either wing. The comparisons to Silva and fellow Castilla graduate Mata are somewhat credible in Jesé's ability to find space between the lines, though differences arise when acknowledging Jesé's more direct style of play and desire to be the finisher as opposed to provider.

If Rodgers is still working to add another "20-25 goals" as he claims, he could do worse than battle the likes of Spurs and Arsenal for the services of the Spaniard. The real question is whether Rodgers would be willing to add Jesé on the heels of another highly-promising yet raw youngster in Luis Alberto, or would prefer a more fully established attacker to propel Liverpool's goal-threat this season.

While I'd guess Rodgers prefers the latter, and logically so, it's my chance to spend fake money and I'll spend it how I want. Jesé signs and gets Stew Downing's locker.