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Map It Out Special: NBC Games

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Last Evening, NBC announced the games that it would show live from August til December. We have all Liverpool's confirmed matches here.

Julian Finney


  1. Stoke (Home) -8/17
  2. Aston Villa (Away) 8/24


  1. Man United (Home) 9/1
  2. Swansea (Away) 9/16
  3. Sunderland (Away) 9/29


  1. Newcastle (Away) 10/19


  1. Arsenal (Away) 11/2
  2. Everton (Away) 11/23


  1. Hull (Away) 12/1

Please note that the 10AM kick-offs are yet to be confirmed, and that we'll probably take a lot of those spots. NBC is supposed to cover every game this year, whether on NBC Sports, NBC, CNBC, Premier League Extra Time package (Free to Cable Networks who carry NBCSN) or NBC's TV Everywhere App. Additionally, Spanish Language commentary will be provided over on Telemundo and Mun2.

NBC's head commentator for the EPL will be Arlo White, who has previously worked with them on MLS coverage, and before that was the Seattle Sounders sports-caster. NBC also plan extensive Pre and Post match programming, as well as a nightly show dedicated to the league.

NBC's current plan of coverage runs from this season until the 2015/16 season and is said to be worth $250 Million