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Smooth Sailing: Liverpool 3, Thailand 0

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Observations from Liverpool's 3-0 victory of Thailand

Thananuwat Srirasant

Liverpool cruise to a 3-0 victory, but it wasn't without some nervy moments. After about the first 10 minutes, Liverpool completely failed to control the midfield in a display that was a bit worrisome. The Thai side easily should have had a goal if they had any sort of finisher in the squad.

That said, Liverpool did well to recover and dominated the second half. Liverpool continue to steam roll through the preseason and, as always, if they can take this form into the start of the season we might be in for a real treat. However, taking on Thailand and taking it in Stoke are two completely different things. As usual, there are a few things to be gleaned from the match:

-First and foremost, the camera crew and production team was abhorrent. It seemed they were trying to be overly artistic with the production, perhaps looking for an Emmy or something. Instead, it was probably not even worthy of a Razzie. All match I just kept picturing a drunken monkey flipping switches as the producer and apparently that drunken monkey has a crush on Thailand's coach.

-Couthino really was the class of the match. His first goal was pure Messi-like class where he showed unbelievable calmness and patience to slot the ball home. In addition, he plays with his head up. It's crazy to consider he is still years from his prime.

-As for Borini, less than impressive again. His work rate can't be faulted, but at some point he has to have something to show for it other than impressive GPS tracking stats.

-Mingonlet is looking like an upgrade at this point. He commanded his box throughout the match including pulling off a fantastic save in the first after a ballsy punch from the corner. It took an unbelievably strong hand to fight that one off.

-While Aspas was unimpressive for me in the first, he was definitely more influential in the second. The way he took the ball on the turn for his goal was excellent. While his touch back to Gerrard showed great vision and/or trust, it was only because of a poor first touch. It was many of those touches which left me unimpressed by his first half performance.

-For much of the game Stevie's passing was just a touch off. However he grew into the game in the second. Vintage Gerrard finish for the beautiful chip finish for his goal. Even better, he got the full 90 which should massively help him regain his fitness after the surgery.

-Joe Allen, see above "Gerrard".

-Who the hell was that in the number 14 shirt? It definitely wasn't Henderson. Whoever it was, he looked quite good.

-Since I slam them often, it's only fair that I praise this ref. He was excellent all match, especially with playing advantages.

-Suarez got significant playing time. A good sign for him staying, but I can't wait for this saga to be behind us no matter which way it goes. For a good recap check out Matt A's article, The Suarez Transfer Saga as a Spaghetti Western.