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What Did We Learn?: Liverpool 2 - Indonesia XI 0

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Some observations from the match.

I'm sure that medal is his most prized....
I'm sure that medal is his most prized....
Ulet Ifansasti

This game seemed a bit more helter skelter than the last one against Preston. However there were still some things that could be observed. However, I watched it late at night and after a few beers so if I'm out to lunch on a few of these feel free to blast me in the comments. Since it is a preseason meaningless friendly (although Shankly would insist there is no such thing as a friendly) I'll keep it short and to the point so you can move on to the next bit of news:

-Stevie is back. That is fantastic obviously. He didn't seem to be overly influential, but that could be said about the whole midfield for this match.

-Aspas had a cheeky finish early in the match, too bad the play was ruled offside. However, his miss when clean in on goal in the second half makes me wonder if we've bought another Borini.

-And right on cue, Borini Borini-ed.

-Alberto seemed fairly lively in the first half, a stark contrast to his first match. Being new to the club I'm sure he is just trying to figure out where he fits in.

-Toure appeared was very composed in the back, dare I say Carragher-esque?

-There were loads of fantastic through balls that just ran a bit long. Hard to say if that was pitch or players fault, but it appears like Liverpool may be trying to break teams down with speed.

-Those socks really just make the uniform look worse if that was possible. I can't wait until next year's away kits are released.

-Assaidi didn't look like a pile of dog vomit. Very nicely done with an unselfish play to Sterling for the second.

-Sterling looks like all that time off has left him refreshed and ready to pounce. Perhaps he is turning it on in hopes Will and Kate will take notice and name the royal baby Raheem.

-Lastly, that Ibe kid is really turning it on. I will be shocked if we don't see a lot of him early in the season, likely the same way we saw Raheem last year. It might be time to start drooling or at least salivating.