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Map It Out: A Difficult December

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On top of difficult fixtures, fixture congestion could also be a problem for the Reds in December, as there is only two 7-day spaces in between games.

Michael Steele

Sunday, 1st December: Hull (Away)

A changed fixture from our month of November, Hull away is our first match of what will be a very turbulent December to say the least.

Originally scheduled for 30th of November, this match was rescheduled due to TV rights. It also means we have a break between our game against Arsenal in November and here. And breaks will be at a premium with so many fixtures coming up.

As I stated in the November article that this match was originally posted under, a 6-0 win and a draw are our last 2 results against Hull. This isn't good enough, however, we are a better side than we were back then. We'll see how it works out.

Tuesday, 3rd December: Norwich (Home)

We've had the beating of Norwich lately. In fact, we've had their number well and truly. All we've done is hit them for drubbings recently. But with our game against Hull only 48 hours previously, they might have us at a disadvantage.

Hopefully we don't take this game for granted, given the aforementioned past results. But I feel like part of why Brendan's approach has been so good at times, because we've not been so lax and focused on past failures and focused more on the task at hand.

Hopefully that continues here, and through the season as a whole.

Saturday, 7th December: West Ham (Home)

The first of 3 games against London-based sides that month, West Ham are always good opponents. A well fought 3-2 victory over them was one of our (And the Premier League as a whole) best moments last season.

The thing about West Ham is, you're always promised a good match. They aren't afraid to dig in, and never give up. They're definitely a group of fighters and I admire them.

Hopefully it's not so nerve-wracking as it was at Upton Park last year, but I still expect a good match and look forward to both fixtures.

Saturday, 14th December: Tottenham (Away)

Like West Ham, Tottenham are always good opponents. However, this might be because whoever we try to buy to make the squad better, they also go in for. Seriously, it's like they don't have their own scouts... I swear to god. It's like whoever we go after they put in a bid of 1 million pound more and get him.

We've produced some crackers against them in the past, last year at Anfield was a great match. I went nuts when Stevie scored the penalty to win the match. It was so liberating. It seemed like ages before then since we'd beaten Spurs and that was the happiest I'd been at a result for awhile.

Hopefully we'll take whatever mentality we had going into that game in this, because it worked, no matter if anyone thought we were lucky. Whenever Gareth Bale had the ball, he was getting well shut out and it was most brilliant, because before then he was in the form of his life. And if you can shut down Gareth Bale, you shut down Spurs.

Saturday, 21st December: Cardiff (Home)

I've been waiting for Cardiff to come up for the past few years. They've had a few good seasons at Championship level and I'm buzzing at the fact they're up now. I'm also looking forward to Craig Bellamy's return to Anfield, at which I'm sure he'll get a very nice ovation, after all he did for the club upon his return.

If you had to give me a choice between which of the three teams that have been promoted who I'd say would survive the drop, I'd say Cardiff. Not only did they run away with the league last season, but had played some really attractive football during that time.

Thursday, 26th December: Manchester City (Away)

Man City have a new manager on the block Manuel Pelligrini, who's known for playing some great football. In that regard, City are regarded as one of the favorites to win the league.

Pelligrini has also brought in some promising new faces in Fernandinho and Alvaro Negredo and sold some ugly ones *Cough* Tevez *Cough* and looks to bring in some more. It would be something if he pulled off a signing for Wayne Rooney, though I doubt that, but it may happen, since he wants to leave that bad, and City have shown they're more than capable of signing any player they want.

Our form against Man City has been hit and miss lately, but against them at the Etihad, it's been quite decent. A 1-0 away win in the 2 legged Carling Cup semi final in 2011/12 and a 3-0 away win in the league a few years back immediately spring to mind. Let's hope it can continue.

Saturday, 28th December: Chelsea (Away)

Our form against Chelsea has been near excellent lately. However, we must remember, the special one is back. We only beat Jose's Chelsea a few times, and most of those came in the Champions League.

It excites me and frustrates me at the same time that Jose's back. Because he's a suave little pisshead, but he has diarrhea of the mouth too, (which could also be said about one man from Uruguay with buckteeth, no names though) and can never seem to keep it shut, which always causes quite the stir.

However, Chelsea aren't what they used to be. Makalele, Duff in his prime, Drogba and co were much better than the Chelsea you see today. They were a stronger unit too. And that's why I think Chelsea haven't done well this past year.

Also, as a side note, TV rights have changed the dates and times of some of the previous months' fixtures, these changes are posted on, in case you'd like to check them out.