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A Season Review: Fabio Borini

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A look at a turbulent season for Fabio, which included a shoulder dislocation and a broken foot.

Gareth Copley

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I feel like Fabio Borini's been judged before he's had his time to settle in. And that's what the song's about, coming into your own, fighting adversity, and overcoming great odds. And to me, that's what Fabs is doing.

He's played decent at times when he's been fit, and scored some "classic striker" goals in the process. The thing that bothers me isn't his play, it's his positioning. He's out on the wing a lot, which isn't his best position, and when he's played as a central forward, he's been pretty decent.

One of the lines in the song is "The one mistake you've come to see, is how you doubted thoughtlessly. It's how you only recognize the person that I used to be." which I think can be applied to the response Borini is getting. He isn't "terrible" as some fans have called him.

He's been hurt. I've been cutting him some slack and I'm surprised at the reaction he's gotten, even though he's remained 100% committed to the cause, and even came back early from his shoulder injury.

Season Highlight: A well taken goal against Newcastle in a 6-0 drubbing at St James' Park opened his account in the Premier League

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