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Hideousness Defined - Liverpool's New Away Kit

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Liverpool officially release their new away kit, and officially no one will likely buy it.

Forgive me, but it took me a few days to come to grips with these and actually write about them.

Heinous, the only way I could possibly come up with to describe Liverpool’s new away kits for next year. I am not quite sure what the designers at Warrior were smoking when they came up with this, but I want whatever it was. It is almost as if it is:

-Drunken argyle, but in a cross with the new fangled digital camouflage.

-A QR code, perhaps if I scan it with my iPhone the truth behind who killed Kennedy will be revealed.

-A horrible Christmas sweater your Grandma gave you and you were forced to wear.

-My favorite from Jonathon (JAceKopite16), the keeper jersey looks like peacock shit.

Either way, someone had a bizarre obsession with parallelograms and it got a bit out of control. I just hope I don’t play in these when I’m hungover. There is no doubt that this will likely be the lowest selling away jerseys of all time. Or perhaps we all just aren’t cool enough to understand fashion; and I am just fine where I’m at not knowing or caring what goes on in that self absorbed world. I just wish there was a camera on the players’ faces when the jerseys were revealed to them.

Here they are from Liverpool's website. You've been warned: