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Season Review: Glen Johnson

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We take a look at Glen Johnson's performance in a red shirt this year.

Mike Hewitt

Like most of our team this season, Glen started out slow, but got better as the season progressed. Glen was solid near December and January most, but didn't hit form really until then. However, stats show that the England International right back had a better season than this year than he did last year.

He completed just over 650 passes more, though with slightly less accuracy. He recovered the ball more than last year, this year he recovered 216 times, last he recovered 134. He won 241 of his duels this year, and won 117 last. These are key stats for a man in Glen's position.

But as a fan, what do we say? If you want the truth, I think the stats lie a little bit. Maybe Glenno had a good season in terms of stats, but when you look at Jose Enrique, what he did this season from the left back position, and the fact that Glen is known as an attacking threat, yet only scored one goal, and Jose, who scored 2, but seemed constantly involved in the attack, especially on the counter, I'd say it wasn't that great.

It seemed Glen was a bit pre-occupied at times. He always would get the ball, run at defenders, beat them, but put a cross into the box that was lackluster, and a lot of times would neutralize our own attack (This is evident by the 77 crosses that he misplaced)

Glen did perform well at times, a highlight being in the dramatic win against West Ham in which he scored a peach of a goal, and that seemed to be when his fortunes took a turn for the better. His defensive qualities proved solid, as he helped the side to at +28 goal difference and 16 clean sheets, however, by his standards I'm sure, it wasn't his best year.