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Get Out Your Maps: 2013/14 Fixtures Released

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In a new weekly segment, we take a look at LFC's Fixtures for the New Year.

Mike Hewitt

Today, we take a look at August's fixtures

August 17: Stoke-Home

In the last few years, Stoke City have been our bogey team. This, to some, is because of their brand of Football. It's often called Rugby, as Stoke aren't afraid to put a few digs into players ribs before playing the ball. However, Tony Pulis left after last season ended. He's since been replaced by Mark Hughes, who plays his football completely differently, despite once being known for the same tactic at Blackburn. For the longest time, we've had a bit of a time on opening day, but I think we've had some luck against Mark Hughes in recent years. It'll be interesting, to say the least.

August 24: Aston Villa-Away

Aston Villa had a difficult year last year, and will surely be quick to get out the gate. However, they start the season at the Emirates against Arsenal, which is no easy task, and finish the month away to Chelsea. Their only chance from a betting man's point of view of getting anything out of August is us. While speculation has been rife over the prospect of striker Christian Benteke leaving (Who's even been linked with us!) until he walks out the Villa Park door for the last time, he'll be an integral part of his manager, Paul Lambert's plans, and if he stays, we must beware. Our defending against him at Anfield last year was beyond horrible.

We then have a Capital One Cup tie four days after our trip to Villa Park, and I for one am hoping we don't draw a Premier League opponent. This way, it will be low profile, with maybe a small chance we might rest a few players, maybe even see a young lad or two. (Pelosi *Cough* Yesil *Cough*)

August 31: Manchester United-Home

Well, here it is folks, the first visit by David Moyes, who I consider now to be the most hated person in the Red half of Merseyside, to Anfield. There isn't much to be said. The first Man U Scum vs. LFC matches are always quite early in the season, so I'm not surprised. We're all hoping for it to be a joyous occasion, stats say Moyes has never won at Anfield in the league, which makes me as nervous as it does optimistic. Man U are obviously much better than the blue bitters from down the lane, with much more depth and better style. (And yes, I did say "style" as much as I could be hated forever.) I expect Moyes Man U to be just like SAF Man U. Diving included. But hopefully without Wayne Rooney, just to stick it to the Mancs for calling him "The White Pele" and giving Luis all the stick, even before the Evra deal.

Well, there's our preview of Liverpool's 2013/14 fixtures for the month of August. Keep in mind these dates are subject to change with TV rights and things like that. Thank Sky Sports for all that jazz.